Check Out These 2022 Home Decor Trends

Keeping up with the Joneses may not be the highest on your priority list, but when it comes to keeping your home decor up to snuff with the homes in your area, you may at the very least want to start paying attention.  One thing that can get prohibitively costly when it comes to homeownership is making lots of changes all at once (read: total home renovations).

The good news is that you can avoid full-on home renovations by keeping relatively current with modern home decor trends.  Staying up-to-date as the years go on with your home’s decor and shelling out some money year-over-year instead of all at once is a great way to stay current while saving money.  Here are some of the. hottest 2022 home decor trends.

Outdoor Living Space

The covid-19 pandemic created an entirely new desire for being outdoors.  With parts of the country under strict lockdowns, homeowners went to great lengths to create more outdoor space in hopes of not only avoiding the virus but also to recreate outdoors without leaving their homes.  As a result, outdoor living spaces stayed around and many families can’t live without them.

For homeowners looking to create more outdoor space, it can be simple while practically expanding certain aspects of your home.  Consider adding outdoor kitchen space for cooking, grilling, and storing food or adding some sitting spaces for family gatherings in your own backyard.  Some homeowners even went to great lengths such as adding electronics such as TVs and places for smartphones and even gaming consoles.

With outdoor living space, you’re only limited by the physical space you have.  Be creative and make a desirable outdoor space for your entire family to enjoy.

Kitchen Facelifts

Believe it or not, you likely spend more time in your kitchen than at any other place in your home.  Kitchens are our hub for families.  We eat there, drink there, cook, and gather together in them which makes updating a kitchen or adding a facelift one of the hottest trends of 2022.  Additionally, having a more user-friendly and cook-friendly kitchen can be a godsend for those of us who have a newfound love of the culinary arts.

Kitchens, however, can be one of the most expensive parts of our homes to renovate which is why a facelift may be in order before a full-on redo.  Things as simple as repainting cabinetry, adding some modern light fixtures, or replacing an appliance or two can be a great place to start without spending too much.  You’ll be amazed and surprised at how modern your kitchen can look with a simple gallon of paint!

Multi-Functional Rooms

With many people finding changes to their work or school lives, we’ve seen an increasing trend towards more multi-functional rooms in homes.  After all, many Americans started working from home during the pandemic and stayed at home which necessitated a switch from a seldom-used home office/gym/playroom into a full office and all of the accouterments.

Having a multi-functional multipurpose room in your home is likely one of the hot trends that will continue throughout 2022.  More homeowners are finding themselves doing more work from home all while needing places to exercise or have family time.  That said, make a place in your home where all of these things can happen all at once.

For some, it may mean having a modular setup that can be changed or re-arranged at a moment’s notice for work needs, guests, or family.  For others, multi-functional rooms can have a primary purpose while also having the ability to transition at a moment’s notice.

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