Creative Ways to DIY

DIY is the new quarantine craze right now across the globe.  Even as the economy and jobs begin to open back up, what once was normal will likely be anything but for a while.  That said, more and more people are looking to DIY as a way to save money, spruce up their homes, and generally find more creative ways to repurpose, reuse, and recycle.

While Pinterest is littered with enough DIY ideas for a lifetime, there are a few great creative ways to DIY.  Here are some of our ideas.

Get Organized

One thing we’re seeing throughout the country, as more Americans are going increasingly more stir-crazy, is that people are getting their homes neatly organized.  This, in large part, can be credited to creative DIY ideas that have otherwise launched the greatest global spring cleaning of humanity.

Pinterest boards the world over are full of creative ways to DIY organize including building floating shelves, bookcases, bins for storing things, and any number of other ways to declutter your home.  Even if you’re not looking to build more storage, you can always take it upon yourself to declutter your home.  Organize your unused things into three piles: sell, giveaway, and trash.

Now more than ever, that giveaway pile will be as needed by others as it ever has.  Once the proverbial smoke clears, then a community garage sale may be in order to make a little money on the things that still have some value.

Make Your Home Warm and Welcoming

With spring and summer just around the corner, you likely won’t be thinking about making your home “warmer”, but with society slow to get back into the rhythm of life as we knew it, your home may be your safe, quiet place for some time to come.  Knowing that, embark on some projects to make your house even more of a home.

If you’re the creative type, then you’ll likely have no problem tracking down some scrap wood and making one of these home state wall hangers.  If you’re a truly national family, you can make several to represent everyone’s roots in your home.  While you’re repurposing, browse this Pinterest board for ideas on how to repurpose old pallet wood.  Pallet wood is generally durable, sturdy, and can stand up to almost any DIY project.

Repurpose and Recycle

Going to the craft store these days is inherently more risky (and quite a deal more laborsome) than it ever has been.  For that reason, this is a great opportunity to repurpose some of the things you already have lying around your house.  From painting old unused coffee mugs to creating terrariums from unused glassware to starting a garden from things you have lying around, there are endless ways to repurpose.

Additionally, consider recycling things that would otherwise go into the trash.  With so many people cooped up in their homes with no way to get goods for crafts, folks are looking to recycled crafts as a way to keep their creative juices flowing and help pass the time.  Not only can you recycle things already in your home, but you can make a lasting impact on the environment by lessening your household’s load on the environment.

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