“Creeping” it Real With These Halloween Tips & Tricks

Between Halloween and Christmas, many Americans go all-in on decorating for these holidays, and rightfully so.  Halloween allows the creative types to go all-in and decorate for All Hallows Eve and really celebrate the traditional day for dressing up in costume and trick-or-treating.

Doing so, though, requires some thoughtfulness to make sure that your decorations are both appropriate for your neighborhood and safe for all of the potential trick-or-treaters.  Regardless, here are some of our tips for “creeping” it real during Halloween.

Make a Spooky Walkway 

If setting the mood for Halloween is your goal, then start with a creepy walkway to your home’s front door.  Having a spooky approach to your home will really set off the spine tingles for all who approach and ultimately enter your “haunted” abode.  Line your walkway with creepy lighting, add some seasonally-appropriate decorations along the way, and generally set the stage for Halloween eve.

Be sure that as you execute on your haunted walkway be wary of the fact that many trick-or-treaters will likely darken the walkway towards your house and some may take a path less suited for your spooky sense of terror.  Make sure that trick-or-treaters and visitors to your home can clearly see any obstacles and make sure your pathway is clear.

Creep Up Your Front Porch

In addition to making your walkway more seasonally appropriate, you can easily make your front porch just as creepy and full of Halloween spirit (or spirits).  Just as you may have done with your walkway, consider setting the tone with some dim, flickering, and generally, creepy lighting to really set the stage.  Of course, you can also add some pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and other decors to create a truly haunted vibe.

Finish it off with a spooky front door display to let visitors know they’re “at the right place.”  Be sure, however, to make sure you do any necessary repairs to your porch especially if it’s elevated above the ground.  Since many trick-or-treaters may have their vision distorted or limited by costumes, try to eliminate trip hazards or any potential harm to visitors.

Keep Your Home Safe for All Who Enter

Halloween generally sees an increase in theft-related insurance claims.  Part of this deals with the mischievous human nature that tends to take hold of those who wander our streets during the spookiest day of the year.  Therefore, keep any valuables well out of range and reach of any sticky-fingered visitors and make sure that anything left outside is secured away from trick-or-treating traffic.

Since you’ll likely have a few dozen smaller visitors on Halloween Eve, it’s important to make sure your home, including walkways, driveways, and your yard, is clear of debris and safe for visitors to walk through.  We can’t always predict what trick-or-treaters will do, so it’s best to expect the worst when it comes to making your property safe.

Finally, avoid lighting your home or decorations with open flames.  Candles, torches, and burners can often give a creepy, spooky look to your home but can be a real hazard to trick-or-treaters.  Eliminate any fire hazards by first eliminating the flame and instead, replace your haunted lighting with more appropriate LED lights.

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