It’s a Big Decision for Your Buyers, We Get It

Buying a home is likely the biggest and most expensive decision most of us will make in our lifetimes, so it comes as no surprise that your buyers understand that.  With so much to take into account, your buyers have a lot on their plate so it’s your job as a real estate agent to put their minds at ease and help them make the most rational decision about their purchase.

It’s a big decision for your buyers… We get it!  This is why we’ve put together this list of how you can help your buyers feel at ease during the buying process.

Start with Financing

If a prospective homebuyer comes to you to start shopping for homes, your natural first response is to ask them what their budget is and what they’re willing to spend.  Unfortunately, many first time homebuyers fail to consider that there is not only the sales price of a home but many other factors that play into their monthly payment.

For that reason, we always recommend starting with financing and getting your clients pre-qualified in the beginning.  This way, they know what they can afford and you have some parameters for which to help them shop.

Listen to Their Wants, Needs, and Necessities

A home, in its simplest form, is a way we humans can get out of the elements.

But you probably shouldn’t use that as a way to sell homes.  As a matter of fact, most of your buyers likely want something that serves more than simply being a shack to keep the rain off.  That said, help your buyers come up with a list of things they want in their house, things they need, and absolute necessities.

From this, you can help them find a home that will meet most of their essential family needs while ticking some of the boxes for their wants.  You probably won’t find their dream home, but you can get as close as you can.

Steer Away from Buyer’s Cold Feet

It’s not uncommon for a new buyer to have some serious reservations and even to try to back out of a home purchase at the last minute.  As a realtor, your focus in this area should be to nip these concerns in the proverbial bud early on in the process.

Many buyers are so caught up in the excitement of purchasing a new home that they don’t address or completely ignore the other emotions that come with making such a big decision.  Usually, these negative emotions manifest themselves as the paperwork signing process begins in earnest, and if a buyer isn’t prepared for that moment things could get a little dicey.

Do yourself (and your buyers) a favor and gently help them prepare for these moments in their home buying process by addressing them early on.

Get Financially Ready

One of the things that makes a real estate agent truly elite is having a pulse on the mortgage market; however, unless you’re constantly watching what’s going on, then the mortgage market may better be left to the experts at Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc.

Our experienced loan officers can help you and your buyers find the right financing solution for their needs and help you as an agent, guide buyers in the right direction.  Your buyers can get pre-qualified in as little as 24 hours which is a perfect way to get started in buying a new home!

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