Keep The Referrals Rolling In

The real estate business is a game of networking.  The stronger your network, the more active you are in it, and the more engaged you are with your current client base will yield big results in the form of referrals.  Referrals are the lifeblood of your business expansion and are critical to maintain throughout the selling season and beyond.

Experienced agents know how to use their existing network to boost referrals, so we’ve put together our top tips to keep referrals rolling in.

1. Lean Heavily on Your Current Clients

Even though we live in an age where digital and social media marketing dominate businesses, when it comes to choosing a professional in any field word of mouth is still king.  For that very reason, you should lean heavily on your existing customers, keep that customer base happy, and touch base frequently.

These seemingly minor points of contact will keep you top of mind.  When one of your clients finds themselves in a discussion about choosing a real estate professional, your timeliness of contact will likely yield a positive referral.

2. Cast a Wide Net

When it comes to marketing strategy, most marketers would steer you away from broad advertising pushes that reach a whole host of different people.  On the contrary, when it comes to networking, you should be casting a wide net.

Get involved in local social clubs, chambers of commerce, and professional organizations in order to meet and network potential clients and customers.  Being involved in a wide variety of organizations will likely get your name out there much more effectively than focusing narrowly on a small segment of your market.

3. Share Your Content

Growing your social media following should be an ever-evolving and focused goal throughout the year.  You should always be striving to stay as active and relevant on social media as you possibly can by showcasing the work you’ve done, deals you’ve closed, and homes you’re showing.

Additionally, social media is a great place to showcase your expertise by publishing content that you’ve created.  From blog posts on your website to photos you’ve personally taken of listings, leverage social media as a way to showcase not only your ability to sell but the methods by which you sell as well as your expertise.

4. Align Yourself with Industry Experts

Handling the buying and selling of real estate is part of your job, but another often overlooked part of being a great agent is knowing the rest of the real estate transaction process.  Naturally, your client will lean on you to guide them to title companies, lenders, attorneys, and any others involved in either the transaction itself or moving into a new home.

For that reason, it’s extremely important to network locally with professionals in other areas of real estate in order to better serve your customers and make the process seamless for any referral customers you may be representing.  One of the best places to start is by understanding the mortgage and lending process.

Get in touch with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. to learn more about what’s available to your clients and speak to a loan expert who can help them find the right financing for their new home purchase!

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