Know The Answers To Your Clients Questions

Being able to answer your client’s questions without a second thought is critical in today’s fast-paced Real Estate Industry. Make sure you’re prepared with these tips!

Is buying a home right for me?

Understanding why your client wants to buy a home and the motives behind their purchase can help you understand their needs without asking for them upfront. If you’re already dialed in to your market, you can immediately get some ideas for your client before you even start shopping homes with them.

What kind of timeline are we looking at?

If they anticipate making a move in less than 3 months, you may need to expedite the process of getting their financing in line as well as finding the right home. More time isn’t necessarily better. Keep an eye on your market and know what homes are coming available in order to project those future purchases.

Can I afford that?

A no-brainer. Know what your clients are looking to pay before you even start the search for their new home with them. Going down the wrong trail can get you both lost and, in the case of short turnarounds, can really muck up the proceedings. Ask up front to avoid any surprises down the road.

Where can I get financing?

In many cases, clients will come to you without a lender in mind or maybe haven’t thought about it yet. If your clients need a qualified lender, consider sending them to Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. For you, it means knowing what your clients are prequalified for as well as having the inside scoop on their prequalification status. Tidewater Mortgage Services could get your clients prequalified the same day they call. Keep the ball rolling!

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