Modern vs. Classic: Which Is Right For Me?

Shopping for a home can be a stressful situation, especially since there are so many different styles of homes available. Your personal preference is one of the main deciding factors, so you might wonder if you should choose a modern home or one with a little more history. 

Historical Pro: Established Neighborhoods 

If you’re seeking a home with more established areas, including mature landscaping, you might want to consider a historical home. These types of homes might have 50- to 100-year-old trees that provide plenty of shade. It can take years for vegetation to grow, which is why you might find newer homes with quick-fix landscaping alternatives. 

Historical Con: More Maintenance 

Older homes are typically more prone to repairs. Sometimes these older residences have galvanized pipes, which can break down due to rust buildup. Wiring can also require updating, and you might find the older home has asbestos in attic insulation, duct sealant, or floor tiles. 

Modern Pro: Larger Square Footage 

Many modern homes are larger in size even though historical homes typically housed more family members. You might also get open floor plans, wide hallways, and an overall accessible floor plan. 

Modern Con: Cost Is Higher 

Compared to historical homes, modern ones are usually more expensive. This is especially true if you’re purchasing a brand-new modern home since you can customize it to your desires. This premium price tag might also include the lot and other builder fees as well as the cost for materials. 

Whatever type of home you end up deciding on, it’s ultimately a personal decision. For some families, purchasing a modern home might make the most sense, while others might opt for a historical residence. If you need help deciding what option will work best for your needs, reach out to a real estate professional for additional assistance. 

Sources: Knoxre.com, Thebalance.com, Realtor.com 

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