Show Your Clients How You Give Back

Giving back is part of what we do as the holiday season rolls around.  For some of us, giving back is a major part of our holiday festivities and for others, it’s simply what we can do to create a better world.  As a realtor, giving back is not only a great heartfelt notion for the holidays, but it can show a great deal about who you are to your buyers.

Real estate agents, generally speaking, are well-connected and plugged into their local communities, so by spearheading “giving” movements, you’re really showcasing yourself as a community member first and a realtor second.  Here are some ways you can show your buyer how you give back.

Set Up a Food Drive

When it comes to giving, one of the most valuable ways you can give back is to donate food goods, clothes, and toys during the holiday season.  Knock out one of these by setting up a food drive sponsored by you and your real estate firm.

You can do this in a number of different ways, but if your community hosts events in your city center or town square during the holidays, then be sure to set up and be present at all of them.  You can advertise that your food drive will be available at events throughout the season on Facebook and social media in order to attract more donations and potential buyers.

Accept Clothing Donations

Depending on where you are in the country, clothing may be more important than food when it comes to giving.  Clothing for those who are typically without can go a long way to helping out some of the less fortunate of us, and by accepting clothing donations at your office or events you can help show your buyers how you give back.

Again, the best way to achieve results for donations is to advertise and make it a point to boost your activities on social media.  You don’t necessarily have to “toot your own horn” per se, but help your social media followers, clients, and future buyers know what you’re up to and give them direction for how they can help.

Toys for Kids

Finally, try hosting a toy drive or toy donation or having an angel tree at your office.  Nothing brightens a child’s Holidays more than having something given to them wrapped by a stranger who cared enough to take the time to donate to a cause.

Toys are something that is practically ubiquitous throughout any market and can be had at reasonable prices for almost anyone who wants to participate in holiday giving.  Even small toy donations go a long way to help make a child’s Holiday truly special.  Consider taking toy donations or setting up your own toy drive in conjunction with other community events.

Let Your Buyers Know

Let your buyers know not only what you’re doing to give back to your local community by promoting your activities, but also let them know how much you appreciate them and their giving hearts.

Take the time to write personalized letters to anyone who takes their time to donate and give back to causes that you’ve sponsored.  This is a great way for you to generate some leads and keep in touch with those leads throughout the coming year.  It’s also a nice way to start relationships with new customers.

If you’re looking at helping your buyers out even more, then have them contact Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. today to talk about their options for getting a mortgage this holiday season!


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