30 Days of Decluttering

We know what it’s like day after day trying to get the house in order, that’s why we’ve made it easy for you with these daily tips to declutter your home!

  1. Dust Edges/Corners
  2. Dust/Vacuum Vents
  3. Clean Out Your Fridge
  4. Clean Out Your Pantry
  5. Clean Your Kitchen Appliances
  6. Clean Out Those Empty Jars Cluttering Your Kitchen Storage
  7. Discard of Anything On Your Desk or in Your Office Space
  8. Clean The Paperwork That’s Just Lying Around
  9. Press Delete For More Computer Storage
  10. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps On Your Phone & DVR
  11. Clean Up That Main Bathroom
  12. Onto The Second Bathroom
  13. What Old Medicine Do You Need To Throw Out Behind that Medicine Cabinet?
  14. Old Towels You’ll Never Use In Your Linden Closet? Donate them!
  15. Get Rid Of The Old Makeup and Personal Hygiene Products
  16. Bring Your Old Books & Games To Goodwill
  17. Clean Out Your Kid’s Closet
  18. Don’t Forget To Get Rid Of Those Old Toys!
  19. Donate Your Scarves, Hats, Purses, Belts, Glover and Shoes You Don’t Wear
  20. Donate Your Old Winter Clothing
  21. Any Of Your Old Clothes That Sit In Your Closet? Yep, Donate Those Too!
  22. Clean Out Your Jewelry Cabinet!
  23. Clean The Porch!
  24. What About The Storage Furniture?
  25. How About Your Car?
  26. Old Photos You Don’t Want To Look At Anymore, Trash Them!
  27. Movies You Don’t Watch Anymore
  28. The Garage!!
  29. Spruce Up Your Mantel
  30. Best One For Last, Clean Out That Attic!

We hope these 30 days of declutter help you and your family!

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