Michael Hosang moved to Virginia Beach, where he’s made it his home since 1979. Before that, he was in Spain, born on a military base, where his father was stationed. With plenty of management experience, he started his career in Banking 17 years ago as a Branch Manager, and quickly transitioned into the Mortgage Business. Making the dream of Home Ownership a reality for customers is a passion of his, and as the Branch Manager of Tidewater Mortgage Services Inc., he instills this passion into his team.

Outside of work, He and His wife are avid cyclists. He prefers Mtn Biking most, and his 2 Hungarian Vizslas love to run with him. Vixen the Mtn Biking Vizsla

Another adventurous activity he loves, is freedive spearfishing. It’s the best way to guarantee, catching only what you’ll eat, and having fresh fish, throughout the year.

Please let him know what mortgage questions you have, and he’ll be happy to help.




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