Tim Dixon is an innovative leader with over 20 years of professional experience in the mortgage industry. After spending four years in the military, Tim has spent 20 plus years in the mortgage business with Beneficial, Household, HSBC, Columbia National, Private Brokerage and joined Tidewater Mortgage in April 2011. Tim is married with 1 child and resides in Mechanicsburg, PA.

People ask me what motivates me about the mortgage lending business; my response is quick and simple. I enjoy helping clients and assisting them in their financial goals. A home is typically your largest asset and it is very important that my clients are aware of all of the options available. My clients look to me for expert advice, so I am always putting myself in my clients shoes when I recommend a loan program.
I consider myself a veteran in the industry and have earned the trust of my clients. All of my business is through referrals or previous clients.

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