2024 Hot Home Staging Trends

When listing your home for sale, how you stage it matters. After all, first impressions are important. You want to stage your home in an appealing way that will attract potential buyers. Home staging creates a welcoming space and highlights the best features of your home. It helps potential buyers imagine life in that house. But staging isn’t enough. You also need to keep up with staging trends to present a modernized version of your space to buyers. Take a look at the hottest trends to watch out for this year.

Tasteful Maximalism
Consumers have started showing interest in geometric patterns and rich textures. However, it’s not the usual maximalism that makes a space look cluttered. It’s the maximalism that comes with some personality. One way to do that is by infusing joy into your space by blending playful patterns with bold colors and various textures. For instance, place a unique vase on the dining room table or add an interesting sculpture on the dresser. Tasteful maximalism aims to create a unique, personalized space with unique objects.

Tech Integration
Now more than ever, smart homes have become appealing to buyers. Everyone is looking for a smart home because technology makes daily life convenient and safe. Tech staging your home shows that it has the potential to make life easier for a potential buyer. Smart thermostats, security cameras, smart locks, smoke detectors, and smart cleaners are all gadgets that can show buyers the potential of a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

Incorporate Mixed Metals
In the past, matching metals was the in thing. But not anymore. This year, mixing metal finishes is on trend. In addition, metals aren’t just for cabinet pulls or faucets. They’re being incorporated all over the house. Cool metals like aluminum, chrome, and silver are now being mixed with warm metals like bronze, brass, copper, and gold to create depth in spaces. That said, staging experts believe warm metals might slowly get pushed out of the market as people focus more on cool metals.

Transforming Neglected Spaces
For a long time, areas like stair halls and foyers have been overlooked. Not anymore. These spaces are now offering a canvas to express creativity. You can choose to paint murals or hang paintings to make these spaces more interesting. Stairwells, which were once ignored, have become attractive points of interest.

Sustainable Choices
Sustainability is key as it reflects care for the planet. This year, incorporating eco-friendly décor is more than just a trend. It’s a necessity. Potential buyers are interested in sustainable décor as it highlights a beautiful and responsible home. Think of recycled glass, reclaimed wood, non-toxic plants, and sustainable lighting. All these are beautiful, durable materials that say you have designed your home with consideration. And since buyers appreciate sustainability, incorporating sustainable elements has the power to create an emotional appeal.

Incorporating Functional Outdoor Spaces
Who doesn’t want to have an outdoor space where they can relax or catch up with family? Decorating your outdoor space can help appeal to more buyers. Incorporate functional outdoor space such as a lounging area, sensor garden, kitchen, or bar. Don’t forget to design your outdoor area with sustainable finishings to appeal to buyers.

Bringing the Outdoors In
You may have come across the term called biophilia. It simply means the desire for humans to connect with nature or the world. This trend is taking center stage, where homeowners are incorporating organic materials, plants, and natural shapes into their homes to create a connection with nature. This trend not only adds personality to a space but attracts potential buyers as well.

Staging your home well can attract many potential buyers, giving you an upper hand in terms of the selling price. Consider the above hottest trends if you’re thinking of selling your home.

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