9 Ideal Drip Campaigns For Leads

Drip campaigns are an essential part of keeping your client base informed, current, and in a position to be repeat customers when it comes to sales.  If you’re not familiar with drip campaigns, then it’s likely something you’ll want to implement as drip campaigns rely on automation which lessens how much time you have to spend reaching out to customers.  Here, we’ve put together our list of ideal drip campaigns for leads.

1. Highlight Fresh Listings for Buyers

Most homeowners are always looking to see if they can snag a deal and upgrade their current living situation and active buyers need to know what’s hitting the market as soon as it’s available.  Create a campaign that will target prospective buyers who are interested in new, hot listings in their area.

2. Interesting Local Listings

Another thing that will keep your buyers in the loop is to make note of local interesting listings that hit the market.  For example, if a unique home that always has a bit of an awe factor to it hits that market, then make sure to let your potential buyers know.  After all, you never know who may be interested.

3. Local Market Data

Local market data about home sales, prices, and listing times are always useful to know if you’re a current homeowner or looking to buy.  Enumerating the data for your local market with your client base could make homeowners and buyers consider either buying or selling when they otherwise may not have.

4. Community and City Updates

A great way to get your clients involved is to provide local community updates with happenings, upcoming events, or as a way to promote an event you’re hosting or sponsoring.  You can partition this into bi-monthly or monthly newsletters to keep the updates coming and keep you top of mind.

5. Community or Market Testimonials

Chances are, you’re already a community advocate.  If you’re local to the market you’re serving, then there’s a strong likelihood that you can easily get behind offering testimonials about how great your community or market is.  Consider putting together a number of your favorite client testimonials to highlight how great things are in your area.

6. Offer Resources

If you’re targeting first-time homebuyers or simply want to show off your expertise (and the expertise of others), then create a drip campaign to offer resources to help make their transaction easier.  Not only will you help out local real estate professionals, but you can be the first point of contact.

7. Past Listings You’ve Sold

A campaign that focuses on your recent successes can also be a big boon to your business as it shows what you’re capable of.  Buyers are savvy and likely have been around your community or market in search of potential homes.  If they see that you’ve sold one of the ones they love, then you very well could get a call.

8. Blog Post Updates

Blogging should be part of your content marketing strategy already, so why not leverage the content you already have and the work you’ve already done by collecting some of your best blog posts for home buying or selling?  Not only that, go ahead and allow your clients to subscribe to your blog with email updates.

9. Warm Up Cold Leads or Past Clients

One thing that many agents completely forget in the heat of battle is that there are plenty of connections they’ve already made that may just need a little nudge in the right direction.  Create a campaign to focus on cold leads or to re-connect with your past clients.

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