Backyard Oasis On A Budget

Spring is well upon us in much of the country which means both backyard activities and backyard projects are on the docket in the coming warmer months.  If you’re not careful, the costs of creating your backyard oasis can add up quickly as building materials and the like have skyrocketed since COVID-19 hit the nation over a year ago.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune creating a place for your family to enjoy the outdoors and the great weather.  As a matter of fact, you can actually do quite a deal of good without spending too much at all.  Here are some of our tips for making a backyard oasis on a budget.

Pathways and Borders

Pathways in your backyard may seem like a trivial part of your family’s outdoor experience, but they both serve an extremely useful purpose, save your yard from compaction, and help beautify your home without breaking the bank.  Building pathways can be as simple as strategically-placed pavers or more complex by using crushed granite to support flagstone rock.

In addition to creating simple yet beautiful pathways, you can bolden parts of your yard or flower beds by adding borders that either accent or contain certain elements of your outdoor space.  Borders can be simple, but for more longevity (and less cost in the long run) consider using brick or purpose-designed pave stones to border aspects of your yard.

Brighten Up the Night with Lights

Lighting is another go-to for your backyard oasis, and with online retailers and home improvement stores stocked up for the summer, you can certainly find lighting to brighten up your backyard for a bargain this time of year.  Lighting projects can consist of adding floodlights if you need intense light for evening projects or backyard sports but can be softened by using outdoor string lights in 50-ish-foot lengths.

Using string lights to highlight an area of your backyard can create a warm, calming ambiance without a whole lot of additional hardware.  If you want, though, consider using stranded cable between pillars as a way to keep the lights stable and supported year-round.  Otherwise, making pole-style planters to string lights or support lanterns is another great way to brighten up the spring evenings.

Xeriscape for Less Maintenance

Xeriscaping is becoming the latest trend.  Already popular in arid, water-restricted parts of the country, xeriscaping is taking hold across the country as a way to create beautiful, zero-maintenance, eco-friendly landscaping.  By basically eliminating entire areas of your yard and replacing it instead with rocks and succulent plants, you can both beautify your home and lessen your summertime water consumption.

Xeriscaping has become big business, but it doesn’t have to cost you nearly as much as it would to have a professional come do the work for you.  With a little research and some money well spent on succulents, some fairly inexpensive rock, and a little bit of green know-how, you can make a lovely outdoor oasis in your own backyard!

Fund Your Backyard Oasis

Maybe your dreams for your backyard oasis are a little bigger than adding pavers and planting succulents.  If larger projects such as irrigation, outdoor kitchens, or pools and hot tubs are more your line of thinking, then get in touch with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc., who can help you find the financing you need to make your dreams into realities!

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