E-mail Marketing That Gets Results

Marketing has changed drastically in the last decade, and more and more consumers are turning to the internet for their purchases and help with making those purchase decisions.  Home buying is no different and getting yourself as a realtor and your agency in front of potential clients online is an essential part of the process.

Here are some tips for getting started in email marketing and creating content that gets results.

Target Your Clients

One thing that many marketers attempt to do with their marketing is to cast a large net hoping to catch as many potential leads as possible with one throw.  While there is some truth to that theory, most often you find that the leads generated through this practice aren’t the clients you want or they’re not ready for your real estate services yet.

Email marketing can allow you to segment your potential leads and, with a little legwork, can ensure that you’re getting the right homes, content, and offers to the right people.

More Reach for Your Dollar

You can spend as much money as you want to on marketing, that’s for sure, but having the ability to both spend less and market more efficiently are always desirable traits to your campaigns.  Email marketing can do just this without you having to spend much at all on getting electronic mail in front of potential home buyers.

Many email marketing services allow you plenty of freedom to segment your customers, create quality and focused lists, and send emails without paying anything at all.  The more you use the service, the more you can pay, but the price to use email marketing at large is far cheaper than traditional advertising ventures.

Tracking and Data

One thing that outbound marketing doesn’t allow for is metrics for which to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  The internet, however, abounds with snippets of code that can practically track everything about a user’s experience online from email to sale.

This is exactly why online marketing, and specifically email marketing, is so effective in getting information to and through to your clients.  If you’re already using Google Analytics and you’re familiar with the Google URL Builder, then you can easily create your own tracking codes for email marketing, do your own testing, and find out what works.

Test and See

Speaking of which, perhaps the best part of the internet as a marketing tool is its virtually endless testing grounds for new ideas.  Not sure what will work with your clients?  Try something different every week or every month.  See what times of day are the best for getting email views and how well those emails convert.

Email marketing lets your marketing mind go wild as you can A/B test side-by-side.  Try different looks, different offers, and different lists to see who responds best and gets the most interaction from your efforts to find out what is most effective for your clientele.

Close More Sales Quickly

All of your email marketing will come to naught if you can’t close those leads into sales and you can’t close leads into sales if you can’t close on homes.  It’s a mouthful but the absolute truth!

To close more home sales, then it’s important to be up to speed on what’s going on in the mortgage market and how those things will affect your clients.  Plus, a pre-qualified client from Tidewater Mortgage Services Inc. will be far more likely to pull the trigger and be ready to purchase on a moment’s notice.  Contact us today to get your clients pre-qualified!


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