End Of Summer Party Ideas

It’s hard to believe that summer is in its waning days and fall is just around the corner.  While many in the warmer parts of the country are looking forward to a break in the heat, some of us in more temperate areas with more intense winters are trying to hang on to the coattails of summer before it vanishes for another half of the year.

If you’re of the sort that enjoys having summer around, then you may very well want to see it off in style with a summer party.  We’ve put together a brief list of summer party ideas to send summer out with a bash while ushering in the cooler fall weather.

Dealer’s Choice Cocktail Party

If having friends over (and indulging in a little liquid encouragement) is your thing, then consider having a dealer’s choice cocktail party.  Invite each of your guests with the option of bringing a different type of liquor or spirit and charging them with bringing the “fixins” for making a cocktail.

This is a great way to bring some liveliness to the party by offering uniquely different twists on traditional mixed drinks.  After all, we’re all just amateur bartenders anyways, aren’t we?  You’re sure to mix things up and create some unique concoctions and certainly make for a good time in the summer’s ever-shorter days.

Movie Night

Depending on what part of the country you’re in, outdoor activities may be limited by the heat, humidity, and populations of annoying flying insects.  But if you’re in parts of the country where evenings are becoming slightly cooler and longer, then an outdoor movie night may be the way you’d like to go.

Simply string up a white sheet to use as a projector screen and rig up a projector outdoors to host an excellent outdoor movie night for you and your guests.  Make the seating comfortable and homey and you’ve got yourself a great combination of camaraderie, fun, and entertainment without a whole lot of work.

End-of-Year Barbecues

Sure, we’re not exactly talking about the end of the calendar year, but for many folks, with back-to-school time in full swing and the end of summer vacation on the horizon, then an “end of the year” barbecue may be in order.  For barbecues, you can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like.  Have your guests bring their favorite barbecue sides or dishes and open your grill to them.

If you want to be the ultimate host, then provide the meats and veggies for a comprehensive hosting event or allow your guests the freedom to cook their favorites on your grill.  No matter what, be sure to provide plenty of outdoor entertainment to make use of the ever-shortening summer days and evenings and even consider stringing up some outdoor lights to keep the party going.


There’s nothing that says you can’t have a cocktail party, barbecue, and movie showing all in one.  As a matter of fact, that’s the beauty of having end-of-summer events or events throughout the summer at your home–you can be as creative and open to different themes as you want!

If you don’t want to do dinner, then have your guests bring their own dinner and cocktails for movie night or simply have a cocktail-only party with dinner to be determined.  Part of the fun is going wherever the moment takes you and being whimsical with your approach to your parties.

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