Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors At Home

As the country slowly gets back up and running and things start to resume some semblance of normalcy, many of our usual outdoor activities are still limited if available at all.  With summer sports, activities, and entertainment almost non-existent this year, more people are turning to their own backyards to enjoy the summer weather and create their own versions of the great outdoors.

Here are some of our ways to enjoy the outdoors, at home.

Create Outdoor Living Space

We spend a lot of time indoors with our families watching movies, playing games, and generally enjoying the company of one another.  But with so much of our outdoor recreation on hiatus, why not take those activities outdoors and enjoy your time together in the fresh air?

It’s fairly easy to create outdoor living spaces, and you don’t need to necessarily spend a ton of money to do so.  If you have a small patio area, it can be simple enough to build or buy an appropriate fire pit to center the family around and seating can be as simple as lawn or camping chairs.  Of course, you can browse Pinterest for endless ideas on how to upcycle materials to make great outdoor seating and living spaces.

Make an Outdoor Movie Theater

Movies in the park are an all-American summer past time, but just because your local town or city has canceled events doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same feature films from your own home.

If you have a projector, all you need to do is create a projector screen out of a white sheet, light-colored tarp, or any sort of light-colored material.  Mount it wherever you’d like to show the movie, set up your projector, and start popping popcorn!  If you don’t have access to a projector, you can simply move a television outside temporarily, or consider making your own projector out of a box, a magnifying glass, and your phone.

Build Some Backyard Games

Enjoying your at-home outdoor space doesn’t need to be complicated nor does it need to be expensive which makes building backyard games a perfect way to both economize your fun and your money.

Classic backyard games such as cornhole and horseshoes can be made from inexpensive or upcycled materials and can give you hours of enjoyment for the entire family.  Additionally, most outdoor games take up little storage space and can be moved around as needed to accommodate your space and time outside.  Finally, consider making classic board games such as giant chess, Jenga, or checkers.

Make a Fitness or Meditation Zone

Finally, consider creating an outdoor gym or fitness meditation zone for your outdoor space.  An outdoor gym can be built with fairly simple materials and a little time and an outdoor meditation/zen space can be had by just cleaning up an area and creating a serene and peaceful area to relax in.

With so many people working from home or having limited outdoor time, making time for physical and mental health can be profitable for your daily living and work life.

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