Fresh Ways to Add Fall Curb Appeal

As summer winds down and fall starts knocking at our doors, it’s time to consider some ways to add fall curb appeal to your home.  Whether you’re looking to sell this fall or just want some ways to ring in the cooler weather and changing colors, we’ve got some great ways to spruce up your home.

Start with Fall Decorations

Adding curb appeal to your home as the seasons change doesn’t necessarily mean an entire landscaping overhaul or repainting the house.  Quite the opposite, actually.  You can easily add some fall colors and decorations by using pumpkins, potted ornamental kale, or other fall flowers such as pansies and mums to your front porch or sidewalk area.

Dress Up Your Mailbox

For most passers-by, your mailbox will be one of the first things they see as they approach your home.  By dressing up your mailbox with Fall decor, you can add a great deal of curb appeal and color to what amounts to be your personal yard sign.  Consider making a flower bed around your mailbox and fill it with pumpkins, potted Autumn vegetation, or other crafty bits of Fall decoration.

Give Your Outdoor Living Space an Upgrade

Many of us have at least a small outdoor space that we call our own.  As the weather turns cooler and the days grow shorter, we find ourselves outside more enjoying the crisp, cool Fall air.  You can make some updates to your outdoor seating or living space by rehabilitating furniture battered by the summer sun, adding an outdoor fireplace, and even throwing a few outdoor blankets for you and your guests.

Change Your Colors

We’ve already alluded to it, but with Fall comes the changing of our climate which means a change in colors.  Fall doesn’t necessarily have to be all browns, yellows, and oranges, it can actually just be softer colors that we associate with cooler weather.  Consider using softer blues, gentle whites, and faded or distressed decorations to add a fun, colorful fall touch.

Go Vintage for More Fall Curb Appeal

Fall is a beautiful time of year in most of the country, but it also means that things seem to fade away as we gently progress into the dark cold winter months.  When choosing Fall decorations for added curb appeal to your house, think of using vintage goods to do the trick.  Vintage, weathered, and distressed decorations seem to go well with the changing of the season, and without a doubt, there’s ample opportunity to repurpose for just such an occasion!

Pumpkins for the Win

Pumpkins get a bit of a bad rap when Fall rolls around, after all, a major coffee chain maid Pumpkin Spice Everything truly a category in and of itself.  But when it comes to adding curb appeal in Autumn, pumpkins are as versatile as any decoration you have in your arsenal.  Use them by themselves, convert them into planters, spray paint them, or even create lights out of them.  The possibilities are endless, and you can’t go wrong with a few strategically placed pumpkins on your property.

Get Ready for the Fall Selling Season

As the summer real estate sales season winds down, some parts of the country will actually see another wave of fall selling.  Just because the busy summer months have come and gone doesn’t mean there isn’t ample opportunity for you to buy or sell a home during the Fall months.

If you’re looking to sell, then adding curb appeal is one of the best ways to spruce up your listing, but if you’re looking to buy, then make sure you’re ready by getting pre-qualified with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc!

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