Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you are considering listing your home for sale, or just want to update and freshen up the look of your home’s exterior, now is the time for some Spring Renewal! These simple ideas can add pop and curb appeal for a little investment. Most of the ideas we are suggesting can be accomplished in one day or a weekend.

  • New Numbers – a few searches online and you can discover a world of new styles, fonts, and plaques available for replacing your house numbers. There’s no need to use a hardware store stick-on numbers when you can create a tasteful display of your home’s address marker with any one of a multitude of choices.
  • Light Up Your Porch – whether you have one porch light beside your front door, two flanking the door or overhead light, simply changing out the basic style to something with a little more flair can add some pizazz. Be sure to choose a fixture that allows for ample lighting, after all, it should serve a purpose too!
  • Paint Your Front Door – get creative with color and paint your front door with a bold or vibrant paint! Color can add POP to your entrance and draw attention to what many think of as the home’s face feature. Be sure to choose a color that adheres to your community’s guidelines, and compliments the existing color palette of your exterior.
  • How About A Mailbox Makeover – your mailbox doesn’t have to be a metal box with a standard red flag on its side. There are many ways to jazz up this necessary home item. Choose a decorative post, add plantings or vines, or even a coat of paint in a color to compliment your home – these are simple, easy makeover tips!
  • Soften The Look With Plants – You don’t have to have a huge front porch to add potted plants and flowers – small container gardening can be a fun way to add a homey appearance to your entrance. Choose planters for the stoop or stairs, a wrought iron plant stand placed next to the door, or one large potted plant off to the side!

Whatever you choose to do – all or one – any of these fun curb appeal ideas can be done quickly and with little investment of time or money. Remember, look to your friends at Tidewater Mortgage Services for lots of helpful and friendly advice! We’re always here to help with new loans, refi loans, renovation loads and more!

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