Good Communication Through Body Language

The Importance of Body Language

It may seem trivial, but body language says so much about a person.  It can reveal their confidence, their personality, and their ability to deal and negotiate in so many ways.  Expressing the right body language in the right scenario can speak volumes to how in tune with the situation you are as an agent.  

The more your body language matches that of the situation the more confident you will be in your ability to conduct business on their behalf.  Below, we outline some of the major aspects of body language you should be keenly aware of at all times.


Your eyes are the window to your soul, and they say a lot about how engaged you are with others.  Eye contact is crucial for maintaining a conversation as well as continuing that conversation and not allowing it to fall apart.  

Additionally, eye contact shows your interest in the conversation you’re having and proves that you’re confident in yourself and your abilities.  Lack of eye contact can kill a conversation, show a lack of interest, and cause you to make bad impressions,

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions say so much about a person.  They can reveal your mood, your interest, and can generally make the difference between being approachable and warm and being cold and standoffish.  

It’s important to make sure your facial expressions match the mood of the moment and follow the flow of your interactions.  Facial expressions are often a function of mood, emotion, and eye contact but can often be overlooked as an important part of personal interaction.  Try to maintain pleasant facial expressions and don’t allow what’s bothering you to come out to others.

The Delicate Dance

Behavioral scientists have studied how humans interact for decades if not centuries.  Their findings are that in the most subconscious ways, our bodies conduct a delicate body language dance with the people we interact with.  In almost the most natural, yet hidden parts of our minds, we react and interact almost exclusively with body language.

That said, try to be aware at all times of your body language and how you interact with others.  From your voice, conversational tone, and cadence, all the way to physical mirroring, posturing, and gestures, you speak much louder with your body language than your voice.  Finding a way to balance your inner emotions with your outward appearance will always be something you work on and develop.  

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