Hitting The Reset Button On Your Finances This Year

With a new year under way, we’re all looking for ways to make 2019 more prosperous and profitable than 2018 was.  And, if you’re like us, you’ve had a great 2018 but maybe you’re looking to make 2019 just a little bit better or more special.

Whatever the case, you can make your new year run a little more smoothly by hitting the restart button.  Getting everything back into good financial shape or simply making improvements to your existing financial position should be your goal in 2019, so let’s see how you can hit the restart button on your finances.

Be Free From Finances

Many people usually settle into the mindset of sticking to strict budgets, spending less, paying down debt, or maybe becoming debt free all together.  Whatever your financial goals for 2019, take a step back.  Yes, it may seem a little counterintuitive, but by letting go of your finances you may actually find more freedom in your day-to-day living.

Financial freedom doesn’t have to mean having zero debt obligations or having a multi-million dollar nest egg.  It can simply mean that you’re not bound to your finances day in and day out which frees up your mind (and dare we say your heart) to enjoy the important things in life.

Budget With Cash

Let’s consider just how you can reach some of your goals this year.  Namely, focusing on spending (or lack there of).  Using cash to budget your personal finances is a great way to make sure you don’t overspend or deviate from for your budget.

First, establish your budget in a variety of categories and make some decisions on where your money will go weekly, monthly, or annually as you see fit.  From there, create envelopes or folders for each spending category and “deposit” cash in them.  You can take as needed, but you can’t take more.

Start with your biggest categorical expenditure (for most of us, it’s groceries beyond perhaps a mortgage).  From there, add to your cash-only spending as you can.  You’ll never be entirely free from credit and debit cards, but budgeting this way will make a big impact.

Ditch the Cards

Moving swiftly on, even the tightest budgets with the most strict rules and principles are stricken by one of society’s necessary evils, “plastic money.”  Yes, one way to hit the reset button on your finances can very well be to ditch the credit and possibly debit cards as best you can.

By getting cards out of your wallet and focusing your spending on using cash or checks, you’ll be forced to make some serious purchase decisions and ask yourself if you really need to part with your money for that little [insert desired material item here].

Set Goals for Your Finances

Those who are most successful in life tasks, in general, do a great job of managing their tasks through goal setting, and those who set goals are more likely not only to reach them but to exceed them.  Sit down and make some decisions about what you’d like to funnel your funds towards this year and beyond.

Are you seeking a family vacation?  Looking to put a big dent in student loans or a mortgage?  How about retiring a little early?  All of those things, typically, can get answered by focusing on your finances sooner rather than later.  Perhaps you have bigger goals or maybe you just want to save a little bit.  Regardless, set some goals and stick to them!

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