How To Build Charitable Giving Into Your Business

If you want to put your commissions and earnings to work and make a more meaningful impact for organizations or individuals with your giving, then consider building charitable giving into your business.  With so many people impacted throughout the past 18+ months due to Covid-19, job changes, and price increases, even a little bit of charitable giving can make a big difference for others in need.

While giving financially can certainly make an impact, there are other ways that are just as impactful and meaningful ways to charitably give to organizations or people in need.

Donate a Portion of Your Proceeds

Probably the easiest way to give to charity and to work charitable giving into your business model is to dedicate a portion or percentage of your proceeds to help others.  You can dedicate an outright percentage of your commissions or a flat amount for each real estate transaction your conduct.  Additionally, you can let your clients know that this is part of your business model and allow them to have a say in where your charitable giving goes.

You don’t necessarily need to focus your giving on home or real estate-focused endeavors, but organizations such as Habitat for Humanity are a great place to start your charitable donations.  Habitat for Humanity is a global organization that helps deserving and needy families build homes.  While Habitat for Humanity is focused on underprivileged countries, there are plenty of domestic opportunities available as well.

Work With Local Businesses

Many local businesses regularly participate in charitable causes or donate to causes.  If you’re looking to incorporate charitable giving into your business process, then teaming up with a local business or several local businesses with like-minded giving goals could be your ticket to getting started with charity.

Working with other like-minded businesses and business owners will not only help you network in your local community but with your powers combined, could very well make a bigger impact on the organizations you’re working to help.  Local businesses often already have charitable connections, and could help you establish a line of communication with charities that will benefit the most from your giving.

Donate Your Time

Perhaps one of the most overlooked ways to give charitably is to donate your time.  Charitable organizations and other not-for-profits are almost always looking for volunteer help to achieve their goals and help progress their impact on their communities.  Consider donating your time and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, local humanitarian efforts, or churches that are looking to make impacts on real estate-related endeavors.

As the holidays roll around, many organizations find themselves needing a significant boost in helping make their impacts during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Not-for-profits who provide food, presents, and support during the holidays are often shorthanded and need more volunteers during their busiest times of the year, and your time could be just as impactful or more impactful than simple monetary donations.

Mortgage Help for Homeowners

Everyone has a bad season in their lives, and many homeowners are likely on the precipice of needing significant financial help to cover their mortgage payments and keep their homes.  Potential homebuyers may also need help scrounging together the cash for a downpayment or making payments on an existing mortgage.

Plenty of organizations and resources exist to help those homeowners, but part of your job can be to not only support those organizations but be a resource to help homeowners who may be in distress.  Another way you can help is to direct your potential homebuyers to Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. loan experts who can help homebuyers find ways they can afford a new home.

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