How to Stay Cool During the Summer Sizzle

Summer is just around the corner which means warmer temperatures and all-out hot conditions in most parts of the country are in the waiting.  The heat is an inevitable part of the summer months and comes as a welcome relief to many of us after a cold winter, but getting acclimated to the heat and as well as being in it throughout the summer can catch you by surprise.

Here are our tips to stay cool during the summer sizzle.

Stay Hydrated

It goes without saying that during the heat of the summer, you need to stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day and add some healthy electrolyte mixes to keep your body in balance.

Additionally, hydrate well before outdoor activities especially if you know you’ll be exerting yourself.  As a rule of thumb, start hydrating 24 hours before physical exertion to prevent problems while you’re out.

Avoid the Heat of the Day

If you’re trying to beat the heat, it’s best to do so outside of the heat of the day.  Check local weather forecasts before planning work or exercise outside and see where the heat of the day peaks.  In the middle of the summer, you can expect the highest temperatures to be in the late afternoon hours which means planning activities early in the morning or in the evening will let you beat the daytime high temperatures.

Take Breaks and Cool Off as Needed

Fortunately for most of us, air conditioning is a widely adopted innovation and most air-conditioned buildings are just a few feet away.  No matter how much work you’re doing, take a break, get into the cool, and let your body temperature recover from being in the heat.

Take this opportunity to drink some cold water or hydration mix and top off your hydration levels.  Cold drinks mean your body is cooled from the inside out and can help control your body temperature on hot days.

Wear Cool Clothing

It may not be on your radar, but the clothing you choose while you’re outside can make a major impact on regulating your body temperature.  Make sure to wear light colored clothes if you’ll be out in the sun and wear quick drying, moisture wicking materials such as polyester in order to accentuate your body’s cooling system.

Contrary to what you may think, wearing loose-fitting long-sleeved shirts and long pants that breathe well may actually keep you cooler than wearing less clothing.  As you sweat and as the wind blows, your clothes can actually work as a wearable air conditioner or swamp cooler for your body.

Take Advantage of Summer Rates

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