How To Throw The Perfect BBQ

While some homeowners in the South never stopped barbecuing despite the change in seasons, many of us look forward to the month of May and Memorial Day as the traditional start to summer and therefore barbecuing season.  Whether you’re looking forward to getting the summer started or if Covid has you having to re-remember how to throw the perfect barbecue, we’ve got a few tips to make things simpler, easier, and more fun for everyone involved.

1. Keep Things Simple

Barbecuing can be a complex endeavor depending on the cuisine you’re looking to cook up.  Smoking meats can be extremely time-consuming, but the results are worth it.  On the other hand, simply grilling up a few burgers, some pre-smoked sausage, or chicken can be just as delicious without as much hassle.

Not only can your cooking be simple, you can also hedge some of the work by purchasing already prepared sides.  One great way to keep barbecues simple is to supplement your grilled meats or veggies with pre-made sides such as store-bought potato salad, chips, or a simple salad that won’t necessarily break the bank nor cause undue stress on you as the chef.

2. Have Everyone Pitch In

Another way to throw a perfect barbecue is to have your guests pitch in.  Make it a fun event where everyone either brings their own side or dish or have those extra-special motivated friends actually assist you in helping cook!

Especially if you haven’t had guests over in a while since the pandemic hit, it may be a great way to get your guests involved, have them cook up one of those pandemic dishes they learned over the past 18 or so months, and generally get some different flavors in your meal.  No matter how you choose to go about it, getting all of your guests to help out can build or re-kindle friendships and create a fun, more laid-back atmosphere.

3. Build the Perfect Ambiance

Food isn’t the be-all and end-all of a perfect barbecue (although it goes a long way to drown out a bad atmosphere), so consider building a perfect ambiance for your barbecue crowd.  Whether a small gathering of your immediate family or a larger one for more friends and guests, making a few special touches for your home’s atmosphere and ambiance can be a great way to make sure everyone has a good time.

Naturally, when it comes to barbecuing, the weather will largely dictate where your guests congregate during their time at your home.  If the weather is nice a la late spring and early summer, then there’s a good chance that most everyone will stay outdoors in the fresh air.  If that’s the case, add a little mood lighting to your home by stringing some outdoor lights, play some music, or incorporate some outdoor yard games such as cornhole, kubb, or horseshoes.

4. Make Cleanup a Breeze

It’s almost natural to want to pull out your summer kitchenwares, have everyone eat off of pretty colored plates, and drink out of your finest wine glasses and pint glasses, but the reality is that someone will have to clean that up.  If you, one of your guests, or a household family member is willing to do the dishes, then by all means go out of your way for a perfect experience.

If that’s not the case or you’re hosting a big party, then consider going with recyclable, compostable, or at least biodegradable one-use plates, utensils, and cups.  Make cleanup a breeze, but try not to add more waste to the landfill if possible!  Looking to get into a home for the summer and need the perfect backyard barbecue arena? Get in touch with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. to today!

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