Keep a Healthy Pipeline With These Referral Strategies

Working in the real estate industry involves interacting daily with numerous people. Sellers, buyers, and referral partners all directly impact the success of a home purchase, so establishing “bond” if you will, is an important aspect of this career. If you seem to be hitting a wall, take a look at these tips that can help up your referral numbers.

Always provide value to each potential client or partner. Don’t look at a closed sale as an end to the relationship with your client. If you don’t maintain contact with past clients, simply put, they’ll forget about you and the valuable services you provided and can provide more of down the road! Maintaining a positive relationship can help keep you fresh in their minds, which can encourage them to refer others to you.

When asking for referrals but be sure to do so respectfully and carefully. If you’re too persistent, your current clients may feel a little overwhelmed. The goal should be to find a “light touch” approach. Find the right time to let your clients know you appreciate any positive feedback they’d like to share about their experience with you, and politely let them know your business is dependent on referrals. You may even want to offer some type of reward for referrals, such as a gift card.

Hosting a housewarming party for clients who have purchased new homes could also boost business. You can get their friends and family members together, provide snacks and drinks, and help the group celebrate this milestone together. As a bonus, their friends and families will see how you go the extra mile for your clients, and looking for the same kind of treatment, could easily turn into referrals.

Continuing to promote yourself and develop relationships with those around you will help increase your referrals and build your business.

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