National Fun At Work Day

It may not be on your radar, but National Fun at Work Day is just around the corner.  As a matter of fact, it’s January 29th if you didn’t already have it marked on your calendar.  With 2021 starting out much the same as the 2nd half of 2020 finished, most of us still working from home. While we’d all like to have some fun in the office here are some ideas for lightening the mood virtually in 2021!

Keep it Simple

National Fun at Work Day is supposed to be enjoyable and in all likelihood, your colleagues will appreciate any effort you make to create a more relaxed atmosphere even if it’s not in person.  Just because it’s a “national holiday” doesn’t mean that you have to make things more difficult than they should be.

Keep your NFWD simple, flexible, and most importantly fun and enjoyable for everyone you work with.  After all, there’s no “fun” in the day if you spend too much effort toiling over making it that way.

Make Up a Fun Dress Code

If “casual Friday” is already part of your office’s culture, then making NFWD just another casual Friday isn’t going to cut it.  Instead, think about creating a fun, spirited dress code for your team.  Allow them to wear their favorite sports jersey, dress in costume, or even wear crazy ties, dresses, or shoes.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to include everyone and generate a theme that your whole office can be creative with and have a good time with.

Whose Baby is this?

Everyone loves a good guessing game! When it comes to lightening the mood, what’s better than adorable babies? That said, consider having department managers submit their baby photos for all employees to guess which photo belongs to which manager.

Perhaps throw in a prize such as a gift card for most correct guesses.

Have an Office Trivia Party

Office trivia is an awesome way to get all of your staff and colleagues involved, competitive, and having a great time.  Have either a “guess who” trivia to learn more about people in your office or simply have a general trivia game.  Split your office into teams they otherwise wouldn’t be on and watch the chemistry take shape.

If you’re looking to create your own trivia about members of your office or your company, then consider using an online app that everyone can play with their smartphone.  These are great ways to get everyone involved both in the game and by compiling questions about either themselves or their coworkers.

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