National Homeownership Month: Which Architecture Style Do Most Current Buyers Favor?

There are many architectural styles out there, from modern to Mediterranean to farmhouse and industrial. When working with buyers, you’ll realize that one of the things they look for is a certain architectural style. In that case, you must understand various architectural styles to meet their needs. Take a look at some of the most favored architectural styles.


This style remains very popular among home buyers. It’s a single-story home with a simple floor plan and a traditional interior design style. It’s known for its pitched roofs, wood or brick exterior walls, built-in garages, and picture windows. This style has several advantages, like affordability, low maintenance, and ease of design. On the other hand, such property takes up more space, has limited design flexibility, and can feel cramped. This style often appeals to older couples or families with children who want to avoid stairs.

Mid-Century Modern Home Style

This style is known for clean lines, large windows, flat roofs, and natural materials. Mid-century modern homes are prized for their aesthetic and functional design. They typically feature open floor plans with a smooth transition to nature. This style requires more land to connect the house with nature. One of the significant advantages of this house is that it offers a timeless aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of homeowners. On the downside, this house may require more maintenance to preserve its appearance and structural integrity.

Craftsman Style Home

This architectural style originated from the 20th century and was popularized by Gustav Stickley. Its main features include low-pitched roofs with wide eaves, front porches, exposed woodwork, handcrafted details, and natural materials. It also features interior design elements like built-in furniture and fireplaces. This architectural style is visually appealing with its detailed woodwork, natural materials, and harmonious design. However, craftmanship homes are usually more expensive to build and maintain because of a focus on quality materials.

Colonial Style Homes

Colonial style originates from the 17th century. These homes feature a symmetrical façade, gabled roofs, multi-story design, brick or wood siding, double-hung windows, and decorative accents. Such homes tend to have a formal layout, hardwood floors, and multiple fireplaces. One of the benefits of colonial-style homes is their solid construction, contributing to their longevity and durability. Unfortunately, most colonial homes lack modern-energy efficient features, making them more expensive to heat and cool.

Modern Home Styles

Modern home designs became popular after World War II. These homes focus on minimalism and abstract patterns. The style also insists on functionality. Modern homes feature neutral color schemes like whites, grays, and open and airy spaces. They are also aesthetically appealing because of the clean lines and minimalist designs.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary architectural styles are diverse, reflecting current trends and advancements in technology, materials, and sustainability. These styles prioritize functionality, innovation, and the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Some benefits of contemporary-style homes include natural light, sustainable building materials, and spaciousness. But on the downside, these homes can be bland, prone to damage, and expensive.

Mediterranean Home Styles

These homes are known for their distinctive, elegant designs that draw inspiration from the architecture of Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece. You’re likely to find such a home in regions with warm climates. Some of their main features include red tile roofs, stucco exteriors, wrought iron details, and arched doorways and windows. The primary benefit of Mediterranean homes is that they have a timeless design that remains popular across generations.

These are some of the most famous architectural styles buyers are looking for. Designs like ranch, contemporary, and colonial styles are trendy because they are practical and affordable, making them ideal for families.

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