Popular Fall & Winter Home Trends

With fall in full swing and winter on the way, you may be looking at updating your home to either reflect the seasons in your decor or simply make some updates to your living spaces.  Offering a different look for the colder months is fairly commonplace with most interior designers and homeowners alike.

Sure, you’re probably already embracing the seasons as the holidays have truly come upon us, but consider making a few alterations to your home’s appearance inside and out to really make your home match the temperature.  Here are some of the most popular fall and winter home trends.

Earth Tones

Nothing can quite convey the cooler weather through your home than colors.  Soft colors are often always a good choice for all seasons, but when it comes to really make your home feel like it belongs to fall and winter, earth tones are one of the best ways to go.  Earth tones are satisfyingly neutral as a colorway and often can keep your home’s colors from being too far on the spectrum of love or hate for any visitor.

Bear in mind that earth tones aren’t necessarily restricted to browns, beiges, and off-whites, but they can actually stem into softer blues, purples, and certain shades of orange and yellow.  Using earth tones as a primary part of your home’s canvas while adding some splashes of more emotional colors can be the perfect balance in making your home cooler for the seasons.

Natural Wood

Nothing quite goes along with earth tones like natural wood.  In fact, the two practically go hand-in-hand, and you’ll likely find that you can almost not have one without the other.  Natural wood elicits a certain earthiness and calmness in rooms where it dominates the landscape–think flooring, tables, furniture, and bookshelves.

Adding natural wood or wood tones to your home will, without fail, give your home a warmer feeling in the cooler months.  We like to think of natural wood as giving us that same emotional feeling of being in a cozy, warm cabin in the woods on a snowy winter’s day.  Natural wood can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways that don’t always have to be in the form of furniture.

Pieces of art, wall hangings, and ornamentals pieces of natural wood are great ways to add subtle wood bits to your home’s cool season decor.

Marble and Granite

Along with exotic hardwoods, marble and granite comprise the duo of some of the most elegant surface materials available in the market today.  Timeless marble and granite can give your home the one-two punch of earthiness of color and warmness of hardwood while elevating your home’s overall image.  There are very few home trends that will stand the test of time like rock.

With so much character, both of these hard rocks in their own right can really morph a home from beautiful to luxurious without completely changing the home’s overall feeling or vibe.  Even smaller doses of hard rock as end tables or coffee tables can change the entire feel of a room or an entire home.  You don’t always have to completely redo your kitchen countertops to marble to get the effect of marble in your house.

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