Popular Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring is in the air and for most of the nation, the temperatures have turned pleasant and our attention has turned to the outdoors, but before you shake the snow off your boots consider undertaking a few spring home improvement projects.  We’ve put together a list of a few popular ones for you to get your home in top shape this spring.

Caulking and Sealing

During the course of the winter, especially if you’re in temperate parts of the country, your home is likely to expand, contract, and shift as the weather transitions from hot to cold and back to warm.  As a result, you may notice several places throughout your home where exterior trim has shifted, your home has settled, and cracks have developed.

In many situations, there’s nothing to be concerned about, but you definitely want to caulk and seal any places where outside air enters conditioned air escapes, and pests could find a way into your home.  Caulk any places where trim or siding has moved away from the house and seal any places where air gaps may have developed.


If the exterior of your house is painted, then you’ll want to pay attention to touching up paint after a long, wet winter.  Winter months wreak havoc on paint, and it’s a good idea while you’re already caulking to go ahead and do some fresh touch-up paint.

Paint is both beautiful and protects the wood or siding on your home from the elements, but it likely will only last a few years before the weather takes its toll.  This is why it’s important to touch-up any areas that have been battered by rain, wind, or sun over the course of the last year and make sure that no damage will come from spring rains and storms.

Outdoor Living

If the winter months have forced you inside, then your outdoor living spaces have probably been neglected for quite some time.  The spring is a great time to get back out there and straighten up your outdoor living space.

Clean your outdoor furniture by using a water hose and scrubbing any funk off of cushions or use a power washer to really deep clean.  If you have a hard surface for a patio, then consider power washing it and water seal any wooden patio areas you have.

Additionally, if you have a grill or outdoor kitchen, then take some time to deep clean it and get ready for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and any other outdoor grilling occasions.

Lawn and Garden Care

Some people say that a lawn sells a home.

If selling is in your immediate future, then the landscaping of your home will be a high priority.  Even if selling isn’t your plan, it’s still important to shape up your lawn, garden, and landscaping.

Clear out any overgrowth, trim trees, and prepare blooming perennial flowers for their coming out party.  Additionally, replace or replant any dead or decaying seasonal flowers and add some mulch to give your home’s landscaping some contrast and protection against summer heat and drought.

Finally, don’t forget to mow, fertilize, and generally shape up your lawn in preparation for hosting summer gatherings.  Early spring is the best time to tackle anything lawn and garden as it will give you a healthy start on a healthy lawn.

If selling your home is on the horizon, then you’ll likely be in the market of buying a new one.  If you’re interested in buying during spring’s real estate season, then get in touch with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. to find the right mortgage solution for you.  Our simple, online application can get you pre-qualified for a line of credit in as little as 24 hours.  From there, let our expert loan officers help you get the financing you need for your new home.

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