Practice Safe Vacationing

Across the country this summer, many families simply want to get away, and if you’re like a lot of us, you’ve been cooped up in your own home for weeks and months at a time.  Vacationing during a pandemic is new to all of us, and you likely won’t be making your summer trip to Europe any time soon.

So how can you practice safe vacationing without getting muddled down in the mess that has become our national travel system? Here are some of our ideas for safe vacationing this summer.

Take a Road Trip

Airports are one of the last places most folks are looking to go to travel anywhere during the coronavirus pandemic. Unless you absolutely must travel by plane for work or business reasons, it’s better to stay away entirely.  That makes going too far for many of us unrealistic, but it’s not the end of the world by any means.

If you’re looking to vacation this summer, take a road trip.  Road trips can generally be less stressful than flying, gives you the freedom to move with your vehicle, and allows you to make up your trip on the fly.  Additionally, you’ll have far fewer interactions with people and places outside of your travel party, thereby lowering the chances of getting or spreading COVID.

Consider Camping

Camping isn’t necessarily an option in the hot southern states, but for northerners or those bound for mountain destinations, camping may very well be the way to go.  State and National Parks abound and are likely less crowded than they usually are this time of year.  Some parks have closed indefinitely or have closed for camping, so do some research before going.

Finally, while few things are certain during the pandemic, one theory that seems to hold water is that outdoor activities in the fresh are less likely to spread the virus than staying indoors.  For that reason alone, it’s worth packing up the family, a tent, and some hiking boots and hitting the trails.

Choose Remote Locations

Vacationing in major cities is probably out of the question if you want to be safe about your summertime off, so try choosing a unique remote location for your destination.  Places in the mountains or in the countrysides of your neighboring states will tend to have fewer people, less traffic, and will give you some quality time with your family.

While remote locations will likely keep you and others safe from the virus, you may sacrifice some of the more traditional summertime vacation activities in smaller towns or villages.  For that reason, do some planning ahead and see how you can make the best of your time and find ways to entertain yourself and your family while on vacation.  After all, the last thing you want to do is quarantine while on vacation!

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