Reclaim Your Garage

Garages are notorious for becoming catch-alls for anything we either don’t want to keep in our actual living space or simply a place we can keep things out of sight, out of mind.  It’s easy for your garage to turn into a virtual warehouse of unwanted toys, thingamabobs, and junk, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, with spring here, this is a great time and a great opportunity to actually reclaim your garage and make it a functional work or storage space.  Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be completely ruthless, but certainly has a place in getting your home and garage back in order.  Here are some of our tips for reclaiming your garage space.

Sort and Separate

Reclaiming your garage starts by getting rid of things you don’t want or need anymore and categorizing the things you want to keep.  In order to do this, it’s best to start with three separate piles: trash, donate/give away/sell, and keep.

Naturally, you’ll have things that have either deteriorated or have no practical use remaining.  If that’s the case, then throwing things away becomes perfectly applicable and necessary.  Try to avoid attempting to “rehabilitate” things that should have permanent homes in your garbage bin.

Second, create a pile of things to either donate, give away, or sell.  These are things that still may be good or useful to others, but no longer have a place in your home.  Finally, have a pile for the things that you still value or have use for and separate them into categories for easily storing like items.

Know Where to Put Things

Knowing where you want to put things is important, but it starts with having things organized by use or item type as we’ve mentioned above.  Belongings that are only used occasionally or seasonally can be stored in large containers or bins and placed on less accessible shelves or stacked on top of themselves.

You’ll also have items that are used regularly (think daily or weekly) that you’ll want to keep handy.  Things like automotive tools, basic hand tools, or other items that you want to keep readily available should be kept in organized drawers (like the ones auto mechanics often use) or hung on walls.  In the end, think about what each item’s use is, how you prefer to access it and think your way through your garage as you plan out your storage agenda.

Use Walls and Vertical Space

As we alluded to above, leverage the size of your walls and vertical space in order to optimize your storage capacity and garage reclamation project.  Walls are likely useless by themselves, but with a little imagination, you can convert your garage walls into storage masterpieces with a few simple tips and tricks.

Install garage shelves or even entire garage storage solutions in order to really maximize the wall space you have available.  Adding sturdy shelves is a great way to get things off of your garage floor, therefore, maximizing the space you have.  Additionally, use hooks and loops to hang things like yard tools, extension cords, and other things that you’d like to be able to access without making a big mess.

Consider a Garage Makeover

Maybe your garage has a brighter future than you give it credit for.  Closing in a garage or adding certain creature comforts like A/C and heat can be great ways to not only make your garage more useful but more comfortable and attractive. If your plans are bigger than simply reclaiming your garage space, and you’re ready to look for a new home with the perfect garage,  then get in touch with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. today!

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