Social Media Trends for 2019

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon and it’s likely more relevant than it’s ever been for real estate agents in 2019.  This means there are some emerging trends that you’ll want to be aware of as the summer selling season quickly approaches.

From being more organized and proactive in using social media as a content-measuring metric, there are a few social media trends we’ll highlight today.

Social Sells

Product manufacturers and retailers aren’t the only ones turning to social media to increase sales.  Real estate agents are focusing much more on leveraging social recommendations and social media in general as a way of showcasing listings and keeping clients updated on constantly changing inventories.

Social media helps agents to not only highlight listings and promote them but it gives you free rein to focus your promotions on specific geographic areas, therefore, targeting more potential customers.  Not every advertising outlet allows you to specifically geotarget potential clients and tailor your content directly to them.

Twitter is Trending Up

Facebook is the platform for highlighting and showcasing listings; however, Twitter is steadily gaining ground as a premier platform for real estate agents and retailers in all industries.  As an agent with a lot to say, Twitter can be a very valuable platform and place to get your voice and your inventory out to your markets.

Part of what makes Twitter great for the real estate industry is its ability to interact one-on-one with your clients in a very public way.  If it’s a primary goal of your marketing to make strong connections with current and prospective clients, then Twitter is just the place to do it.

Social Media Still Requires Planning

Marketers, despite being great at what they do, often don’t have a rock solid plan for their social media publishing from week to week and often wing it without any substantial strategy.  If this sounds like what you do with social media, then it may be time to rethink that philosophy.

Social media planning is an extremely important aspect of what you do as part of your overall marketing scheme and can make your life much easier week to week.  During the busy summer sales season, planning social media campaigns becomes increasingly difficult with the constraints on your time and busy schedules.  Plan ahead, schedule posts, and take some of the thinking out of it!

Engagement Tells the Tale

One aspect of effective content is that social media tells you exactly how well it’s doing in the marketplace.  Engagement on social media means your content is being well received and gives you a gauge on how well your content marketing efforts are working in real time.

We don’t always get the feedback from the internet that we often need to tailor our content to the right audiences, but social media gives us a nice barometer of just what people want and what they’re willing to interact with.  This is endlessly valuable to you as a marketer and can give you exactly what you need to create quality, desirable content.

Speaking of tailoring content, make sure what you’re publishing runs the entire gamut of the buying and selling cycle for your clients including the mortgage process.  From applying for a mortgage to handling financing and beyond, Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. can be a very valuable ally for both you and your clients!

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