Tech Talk For Agents

Technology has become such a ubiquitous part of our lives that we sometimes can forget just how impactful it is to be both available and informational in more traditional senses.  As an agent, you’re always on the move and when that’s the case, it can sometimes be difficult to connect with your clients or you may need to find alternative ways to communicate.  Not only can you make better “touches” with your clients, but by streamlining some of your processes you can actually save a lot of time.

Today, we’ll look at some of our “tech talk” for agents and ways you can better leverage technology in your favor.

Leave Details in Your Voicemail Greeting

You can’t always be by your phone or sometimes you can’t pick up because you’re face-to-face with another client or hard at it closing a deal.  No matter the case, make sure your voicemail is set up not only in a professional way but in a way that gives your clients as much detail about your schedule and alternative ways of getting in touch with you.

Many agents nowadays are not only comfortable with clients texting them but many times prefer to communicate via text message as it gives them more flexibility to answer questions on the run, set up meetings, and handle business.  That said if email or text message is either a preferred way for you to contact your clients or simply an easier way to answer questions on the fly, leave those details in your voicemail greeting.

Finally, if you’re unavailable, out of the office, or have other reasons or time periods you can’t access your phone, be sure to include that so your clients won’t be expecting a call back when you’re out of pocket.

Script Your Email Responses or Create a Website FAQ

One thing that can drain a lot of your time and energy is answering fairly basic real estate questions over and over for clients new and old.  It’s understandable.  You work in the industry and, when your hands and mind are in it daily, it feels repetitive to constantly answer the same questions.  Your clients, on the other hand, may only purchase a home once every 10 years, so the real estate process in their eyes is a whole new world.

In order to save yourself some time while offering your clients the best service and information, consider scripting email responses to common questions you get from your clients or be proactive and include an informational “welcome” email with all of the information they’ll need.  Also, you can create FAQ pages or blog posts outlining these questions and answers and easily direct your clients to those pages on your website.  Be careful, though.  Sending links can seem standoffish or impersonal, so be thoughtful.

Leverage the Power of Images

Our smartphones have more computing power than what sent astronauts to the moon in the Apollo era, and now many of them have higher-quality photo abilities than many professional cameras.  By using your smartphone, coupled with photo-enhancing apps for iPhone and Android, you can take professional photos of your listings, create eye-catching videos, and edit all of them without having to sit down at a computer.

As you know, listing, selling, and showing homes has become increasingly virtual, so make sure that the images and videos you’re sharing of your properties are of the highest possible quality and accurately reflect the beauty you and your buyers see in them!

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