The Lost Art Of Handwritten Notes In The Real Estate Industry

The art of handwriting in general has become a thing of the past as the digital age has ushered in a new generation of writers who rely less on their hands and more on the perfectly shaped letters of computerized fonts. Even quality penmanship has diminished in recent years leading to an overall decline in handwritten communication globally.

Even in a digital age, though, realtors can learn something from the golden age of writing. It is, in fact, very much a lost art, but there are some things you can do to resurrect this dying breed.

1. Communicate in More Written Form

Today’s emails and text messages were yesterday’s letters and notes. While not as effective as they once were, handwritten forms of communication hit something deep in our human psyche. There’s a certain longing for a simpler time that manifests itself in simple handwriting that just cannot be replicated with computerized font.

With that said, practice communicating in handwritten form more with your clients. Simple notes and letters penned from your desk at all stages of your buyer’s journey will go a long way to keeping them as a customer for life.

2. Handwritten Invitations

If you’re hosting an open house or just seeking to have a greater presence in a particular neighborhood, consider handwriting invitations or notes to your prospective clients. After all, how many dozens of lifeless real estate mailers do you receive in your mailbox every year from a local realtor?

3. Keep Blank Stationery on Hand

Another forgotten part of a formerly handwritten culture is maintaining and keeping stationery as part of your regular stock of correspondence documentation. Blank stationery with your name, real estate company, and contact information clearly printed should always be on hand in your office.

This way, if you see an opportunity to pen a perfectly crafted letter, invitation, or thank you note, you don’t have to scramble to find the paper you need to complete the task.

4. Always Be Thankful

Thank you notes and letters have become something of the past and a forgotten part of formal gratitude and business as a whole. We’re taught in school (at one level or another) to always keep blank thank you notes on hand and ready for delivery following a business meeting, interview, or after being introduced to a colleague.

Thank you notes are still part of today’s real estate game and should never be taken for granted. The physical act of writing a simple, heartfelt thank you note will take no more time in your day than a basic email and its effects will be felt far deeper than anything digital.

5. Marrying Handwriting and the Digital Age

There’s no doubt that handwriting has fallen from its grace. Thousands of generations of humans depended on handwritten communication, without which would be a very different world. Alas, there is only so much a handwritten letter can do in the name of timeliness and efficiency in business, so digital communication is certainly necessary.

Melding the two is a necessary part of conducting business in the 21st century. Even when it comes to finance and mortgages, hardcopy applications are all but a thing of the past. With that said, your clients can get pre-qualified for the mortgage they need by filling out an online application from Tidewater Mortgage Services.

Just as you, we have moved into the digital age making the mortgage lending process easier, simpler, and faster so you can close more sales!

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