The Roll of “Furbabies” During the Homebuying Process

Increasingly, more and more potential homebuyers are taking their pets into consideration when deciding where to move or whether to rent or buy at all. As more and more millennials especially are finding their way into the real estate market, those buyers are having to take into account their pets as well as future family growth.

While many landlords prefer that their renters remain petless, this is forcing many millennials into the real estate market. If you’re a pet owner, what types of considerations should you make when purchasing a home?

Local Ordinances and Codes

While most places do not outright ban pets, there may be certain ordinances or local codes that prevent certain types of pets or breeds from being allowed in a neighborhood.

If you’re vetting locations to move, then you should contact the local municipality and homeowners association and make sure that your pets are allowed. Depending on local rules, there may be applications required as well as permitting fees and documentation to have your pet in the area you’re seeking to move. Before you settle in, make sure all of the business for your pet is taken care of.

Proximity to Trails, Parks, and Pet Safety

Depending on how active you and your pet are, there are some considerations for how close you are to certain pet-friendly amenities. Your proximity to these amenities may make a big difference on whether or not you choose to make the move to a certain area.

Do some research ahead of time and see if your community or homeowners association has the things you and your pet need to stay happy, healthy and safe. If needed, contact the local law enforcement or speak to fellow pet owners in the area and make sure that there aren’t any safety concerns for having a pet. If there are, can you make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle or property to keep them safe?

Home Needs

Last but certainly not least, make sure that the home or homes you’re looking at will work for the pets you plan on living with in them. For dog owners, adequate and safe yard space and quiet roads are generally preferred. Also make sure that fences are sturdy or can be easily mended in the event that repairs need to be made.

If you have cats or other small pets that may spend time indoors and outdoors, safety is probably the #1 concern. Depending on your location whether rural or suburban, certain environmental factors should be considered to keep your pets safe and happy. Predators, busy roads, and other loose pets could play a factor in your decision of where to live.

Limited Properties

If you’re looking for the perfect property for your family and your pets, those may be limited and could come at a premium. In other words, when the opportunity for the perfect pet-friendly property arises, you should be ready to pounce and make an offer or sign a contract. In order to be as prepared as possible, it’s important to have the ball rolling on your finances.

The best thing you can do to not miss an opportunity is to be pre-qualified to get the home you need for you and your pets. Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. has over 24 years of experience helping new homeowners find the mortgage solution that’s right for them. Our simple online application could get you pre-qualified the same day you apply giving you the mortgage you’ll need to buy your new home.

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