Tips for Selling in Autumn

Selling during the summer months is almost a no brainer as buyers are looking for homes and they’re moving like hotcakes.  Sometimes the timing just doesn’t work out for the conventional summertime home sale or perhaps you actually prefer to sell in the Fall.

No matter the case selling in the Autumn, while slightly more challenging, it is by no means impossible.  We’ve put together some tips for selling in Autumn.

Boost Curb Appeal

In all likelihood, prospective buyers will be drawn into your home by its appeal from the street.  An unattractive home can still sell, but in order to get the best sales price and attract the most buyers, it’s important to make sure your home has a quality facelift before you list.

In order to boost the curb appeal of your home in Autumn, start by making sure there aren’t any structural aesthetics that need touching up.  If there are areas where paint has faded, peeled, or weathered, then spend some time touching up those areas.  Additionally, cleaning up flower beds and landscaping while adding some seasonally appropriate plants will help improve the overall curb appeal of your home.

List in Multiple Places

Selling a home in the Autumn requires a little extra marketing that may not be necessary when the sales season is hot during the summer.  Do yourself a favor and list in as many places as possible.

This means beyond the typical places your real estate agent may be listing your home, consider going unconventional and listing your home on your personal Facebook page or even dedicating a temporary website to show off your home.  Anything you can do to better market your home during the offseason will help, so take the time to make sure your home is broadcast as much as possible.

Maintain the Mechanicals

Part of any sales process should be meticulous care and inspection of the mechanical aspects of your home, but Autumn brings some unique challenges.  During the transition between seasons, all of your mechanicals are being stressed between warm days, cool nights, and seasonal weather changes in between.

If you’re looking to sell in Autumn, then make sure all of your mechanical systems are in good working order.  Inspect your HVAC system inside and out, make sure all of your plumbing is in good condition and ready for cold weather, and ensure that all of your electricity is working and doesn’t need any major repairs.  Having a mechanically sound home will put buyers at ease and help your home sell quicker.

Make Your Home Welcoming

Finally, make your home seem as welcoming as possible.  If you’ve already taken the steps to make sure your home has the best possible curb appeal, then take things a step further and make your home inviting and welcoming.  Consider decorating with seasonal Fall decor to make your home feel warm and encourage prospective buyers to come in and have a look.

One challenge that Autumn sellers are likely to encounter that they wouldn’t otherwise in the summertime is a lack of daylight.  Keep the lights on, even if you’re not home or showing the house, to make it feel even more enticing to passers-by.  Make sure all of your lighting is appropriate and warm and even add some solar lights to light walkways or highlight features of the home.

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