Trending Home Designs In 2019

Trends abound in home architecture, and 2019 will by no means be immune to the annual swell of new, modern, and updated home trends.  As a homeowner or one seeking to buy, you may very well want to find the happy medium between ageless classic looks and modern trends in order to find a home that will retain value and even increase in the short term.

All of that to say, let’s take a look at what’s trending in home designs this year.

Last Century Makes a Return

Home trends, in general, seem to follow a few different routes: ultra-modern, timeless classic, and rustic to name a few.  This year, we can expect more of the latter with some of the stylistics of the past 50-70 years making a bit of a resurgence.  This includes art deco and tin ceilings sporting lovely floral and paisley patterns to gaze upon.  Whether as a focal or accent piece, expect more of this rustic-styled metal in updated homes.


Minimalism has been a trend in Europe for decades due to constrained living spaces in many metropolitan areas and has recently gained steam overseas.  This year, though, expect to see things more minimal than ever.  Minimal doesn’t have to mean sparse, but it certainly means less.  Think smaller fixtures, smaller, more modular furniture, and a general simple look of the aesthetics in a home.


Another trend that we may very well see in 2019 is greater simplicity.  Don’t confuse minimalism with simplicity although they could easily be used interchangeably.  When we talk simplicity, we think of being resourceful, keeping colors neutral yet energetic, and generally bucking the trend of opulent and grand as a home focal point.  What this means for you is spending less on fixture, furniture, and possibly more DIY–an added personal touch.

Painted Brick

Updating an older home built in the 50’s or 60’s always is a bit of a chore, but upgrading exteriors can be a whole different animal.  Ranch style homes, made popular following World War II, typically featured a textured brick with faux shutters bordering windows. 

This style has stood the test of time, but for many looking to get trendy this year, the color schemes of many of those bricks and shutters may not jive with the current market.  With that said, painting brick to update the exterior of an older ranch style house will be something to watch for this year.


In a continuation of the concepts of simplicity and minimalism comes biofilia.  Biofilia is basically a connection between humanity and nature, and this trend is likely to start gaining steam in many urban areas with an eco-centric mentality.  From flora-covered gazebos to balconies with a jungle-esque feel, biofilia can take on many different forms in the way of architecture, design, and ambiance for homeowners.  No matter how its executed, it will connect you more with the earth.


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