Upgrades for the Pet Lover’s Home

Pet owners are a unique breed (pardon the pun).  For pet owners who also are homeowners, there are likely some things you’d like to do to keep your furry friends more entertained, comfortable, and engaged whether you’re at home or not.  Both cat and dog lovers have different needs, and a rare few even have similar needs for those inseparable feline and canine couples.

If you’re a new homeowner or looking to buy soon, then we’ve got some upgrades for a pet lover’s home that you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

Make a Catio for Your Feline Friend

Cats are strange creatures.  Wanting of your affection one minute, clawing your face off the next.  Desiring outdoor activities for a moment, then wanting back in the house upon exiting your home.  If your cat is of the more adventurous variety but lacking in the Bear Grylls-esque skills of outdoor survival, then a catio is a perfect solution.

Companies such as Cattopia specialize in transforming parts of your outdoor space into a cat-friendly catio.  And while a fancy custom-built catio would certainly fit the bill, you can make your own custom catio with some hardware cloth or chicken wire and a couple of Ikea bookshelves.  This, combined with a cat flap will give your kitty friend the best of both worlds.

Doggie Doors 

It may sound silly and a little over-simplified, but doggie doors are a dog lover’s necessity.  Much like cats, dogs love being able to “take themselves out” at their leisure while also getting some much-needed warmth, sunlight, and a bit of a run in the yard.

Doggie doors can be relatively inexpensive comprised of the more traditional flap or can be somewhat more advanced with RFID chips that allow only certain “tagged” pets in and out the door.  If you live with multiple pets and want to restrict access or if you live in more rural areas where intrepid “guests” may enter, then going with a more premium option would be best.

Cat Lounges

Cats are notorious loungers and spend anywhere from 16-20 hours per day sleeping or at the very least relaxing.  That fact alone tells you that you’ll need to have lots of places for your kitty to crash out especially if you want to restrict their access on your furniture or bed.

When it comes to cat lounges, you can build multi-tiered cat structures with a hammock in front of a well-lit window or even purchase a cat window perch to be put on any window in your home.  If you have a spare closet in your home, you can knock out several cat owner priorities in one small space.  Consider converting a small unused closet into a multi-tiered cat habitat with a place for the litter box!

Dens are for the Dogs

Dogs, by nature, are den animals.  If you’ve ever witness Fido scratching around or circling his bed for a place to settle down, it’s likely part of their ingrained denning habits.  Dogs, generally, like dark comfortable places to sleep during the day or at night.  As a homeowner, you can make a few upgrades to help your canine find his or her place in “nature”.

If you have enough space, an under-bed dog den is a great way to give your companion a nice comfortable place to bed down in the evenings.  If you’re the type who doesn’t mind your pup being on the bed, then consider making a ramp for them to walk right up and snuggle with you on those cold winter nights

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