What Realtors Should Be Buying This Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and the holidays aren’t far in front or behind. Hopefully you, as a realtor, have had a successful year selling homes and are looking forward to some rest and relaxation as well as treating yourself to your own holiday gifts.

If you’re like most Americans, though, you likely don’t know what to buy anyone let alone yourself, so we’ve put together a list of what realtors should be buying this Black Friday. And while this list isn’t comprehensive nor bound to Black Friday itself, it’s nevertheless a great place to start!

Power Inverter

If you’re one of those realtors who is constantly on the run and rarely has time to spend behind your desk or in your office, then a portable power inverter may be exactly what you need to keep your business going on the move. In short, power inverters convert your car’s 12 volt DC voltage to 120 volts AC which is what your computers and many chargers run on.

This nifty coffee cup power inverter will handle 200 watts of electronics and features two AC outlets as well as a USB outlet for your accessories. The 200 watt power will be ample for charging basic electronics or to power mobile hotspots or other on-the-go office necessities.

Micro Drone with Camera

Looking to make properties more appealing to buyers? Content is the name of the game in today’s busy real estate world and increasingly, properties are getting shown off with areal drone shots.

If you’re already on top of your social media and content game, then take it to the next level with a micro drone with built in camera. Drones can give you excellent video quality and give your buyers great views from above of their potential new home. If nothing else, you’ll have a fun toy to play with in your down time!

Smart Home Devices

Smart homes are all the craze right now. As a realtor, you can’t always be at the home when a maintenance or serviceperson needs to perform needed repairs or when a curious home buyer wants to take a look when you’re out of pocket.

Smart home devices can give you the flexibility to show your homes safely and securely without physically being present. Nest, for example, has an entire line of smart home devices from doorbells, cameras, and locks as well as home comfort such as thermostats. Everything can be accessed and controlled from a smart phone, tablet, or computer giving you 100% confidence and safety that the homes you’re entrusted with showing are kept free from strangers.

Electronic Accessories

As a businessperson, you practically live on your devices. Cell phones, tablets, and computers are no longer considered accessories but necessities to conduct the business of real estate. As a result, they can take quite a pounding over the course of a day throughout the year, and let’s face it, iPhones aren’t getting any cheaper.

Protect your precious smart devices with accessories that can take a beating. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some absolutely incredible deals on accessories for your devices with Black Friday just around the corner and hundreds of thousands of Americans looking to give the gift of tech for the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for great deals!

If you’re looking for a mortgage this Black Friday don’t forget to call us at Tidewater Mortgage Services!

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