Your New Home Wishlist

If you’re shopping for a new home, then there are likely some things that are on your radar to improve your current living situation.  These things, for some buyers, can be absolute dealbreakers and things that are necessary for upgrading for family, work, or luxury.

We all have different needs in our home, so just because a friend or a family member has one need or desire doesn’t mean that you will always have the same.  Because we’re all different, we’ve put together some tips for putting together your new home wishlist.

Evaluate What You Like and What You Don’t

Knowing what your new home wishlist will look like starts with evaluating your current and any past living situations you’ve had in order to know what you want out of your new home.  Begin by making a pros and cons list of your current and past homes by highlighting the things you liked, the things you loved, the things you hated, and things that are essential to your living space.

Needless to say, things have likely changed since you moved into your most recent house or apartment.  With the pandemic, perhaps your job situation has changed, maybe you’ve taken in a dependent, or maybe you have kids or kids on the way.  All of these things will factor into your needs, wants, and dislikes for your new home and should not be discounted.

Feel the Flow

The space you have in your home as well as how the home flows make a big difference to how much you use and how much you love certain parts of your house.  If you love cooking, but your kitchen doesn’t have the right layout or if your home highlights certain aspects of your home life that you don’t value as much, then these are likely things you’ll want to re-evaluate in your new home.

Along with your love and hate list from above, prioritize those things and incorporate them into a home “flow chart” that highlights how you use your home and what is most important to you and your family.  Additionally, you’ll want to be flexible enough to see a future vision of a home and what it’s capable of.  Some things, on the surface, may not quite work for you but could be easily altered or adjusted to meet your expectations.

Take a Look Outside

What’s outside your home may very well be as important as what’s inside, so make it a point to evaluate the outdoor space you have currently and what you’d like to have in your new dwelling.  A small house can be significantly enhanced with outdoor seating in order to accommodate small gatherings or parties as well as giving your family a place to explore and adventure.

Outdoor spaces can be transformed very easily and with modest expense, so let your imagination run wild when viewing potential new homes.  If there are things that are essential to your outdoor spaces, then make sure that any new home ticks those boxes or could be easily transformed into what you want.

Go Wild Without Going Crazy

Sometimes, even the “perfect home” needs a little special attention to get it to what you want it to be.  For that reason, the experts at Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. are available to help you find the financing solutions to both purchase the house you want and make the needed changes to turn it into the home you’ll love.  Call today and get pre-qualified in as little as 24 hours.

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