Change The Look Of Your Room For Under $50

Making changes to your house can be an expensive endeavor especially when you’re talking about remodeling, repainting, or updating windows or major appliances, but there are plenty of things you can do to your home or individual rooms that aren’t expensive or perhaps are even free altogether!

You don’t necessarily need to spend all of your holiday or end-of-the-year bonus on sprucing up your home.  As a matter of fact, you can likely just use things you already have or make adjustments to your current arrangements and really make a big difference in how you utilize the space of your home and how you view your rooms entirely.  Here are some tips on how to change the look of your room for under $50.

Rearrange Furniture

Believe it or not, moving around your furniture and rearranging it differently is one of the best ways to liven up a room.  This goes especially for living spaces or shared parts of your home and can be impactful on the places where you spend the most time.  For many families, this means the living room, but for others, game rooms or even shared bedrooms can benefit from a furniture-moving facelift.

You don’t necessarily have to have an idea in your mind about where you want the furniture to end up (although it can be helpful).  With that said, start by simply moving things around if it’s not too physically demanding.  Sometimes just getting started with rearranging your room can get your creative juices flowing.  Remember, you can use the open space in the middle of the room!

Have a Furniture Swap

Besides just moving furniture around in a single room, consider swapping furniture from one room to another.  Bedrooms can benefit from this tactic more than other parts of the house, but virtually any room can get a little more lively with a new piece of furniture.

End tables, coffee tables, and even sofas and lounge chairs are great things to swap from one room to another.  You may end up finding that one piece of furniture that you never thought would end up in your living room is actually a perfect fit or match to the rest of your decor.  Another interesting way to entirely change a room is to swap rugs, curtains, or bookshelves.

Feel Free to Accessorize

Small accessories can enhance rooms more than you ever thought possible and are easy to move around if you’re not into swapping big pieces of furniture.  Moving lamps, paintings, decorations, curtains, drapes, and rugs can totally change the look of a room.  Lighting can make a big difference and really bring out certain aspects of a room you may have never thought about.

Maybe you have similar accessories throughout your house and need to liven up the accessories themselves.  Fortunately, spray paint exists!  Spray paint can turn an outdated accessory, lamp, or ornament into something new, old, or customized to your specific tastes.  Again, let your creative juices flow and try some different colors, textures, and placements of things and see what comes of it.

Paint a Wall or a Room

Speaking of paint, if you don’t mind spending a little money and have the time to dedicate, repainting a room or painting an accent wall can completely change the look of a room or your entire house.  Painting a room will likely take the better part of a full day or a weekend, so be prepared and make sure that you take the time to prep your walls and work area for a smooth transition.

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