Prospecting For Leads The Right Way

For better or for worse, the lifeblood of a real estate agent is creating a pipeline of leads.  A steady stream of leads flowing into your office means more potential to make sales, network into broader markets, meet more prospective homebuyers and generally make your life a little less stressful.  Prospecting leads can seem daunting and often is the last thing a real estate agent wants to spend time doing or energy focusing on.

However, if you do it right, prospecting for leads the right way can lead to big sales, consistent sales, and open up multiple new pathways to be a more successful agent.  If you set up your prospect pipeline correctly and do the work up front, then you’ll spend less time cold calling and prospecting in the future.  Here’s how to generate leads the right way.

Block Off Your Calendar

When it comes to prospecting for leads, many agents and especially new ones find that they either can’t commit enough time to the prospecting side of their trade or simply don’t want to.  Whether you’re too busy or (dare we say) too “occupied”, there’s a very simple solution: block off your calendar for prospecting.

Really, this practice can be used for anything you need to devote time to, but by blocking off your calendar specifically for prospecting, then there are no excuses and no distractions for getting the job done.  Prospecting also doesn’t have to be mundane cold calls every time.  You can break up your time into reaching out by email, blogging, texting, social media, or working on ad campaigns.  Keep it interesting.

Prospect Consistently

Not only do you need to block off time but you need to do it regularly.  Being consistent with your prospecting will get you in a groove, help you be more productive, and probably make you significantly more profitable.  Start by dedicating some time every day to prospecting–20 minutes, 30 minutes, up to an hour–and build off of what you do.

Also, make sure to work in that time each day and during a time period where you know you’re less likely to be disturbed.  Once you’ve done 20 minutes per day for a week, then gradually increase that amount of time until you reach an hour per day.  Just think: one hour per day will make for 20 hours per month of prospecting!

Stay on the Path

Prospecting is one of the smallest tasks that will yield the biggest results in your real estate sales, but all of that work you do can be derailed if you get off the beaten path and stray away from your plan to prospect daily.  It’s easy to get complacent when something becomes so commonplace in your daily work life, so make it a point to remind yourself that all of the work you’re doing is paying off.

If your prospecting activities end up feeling boring, then look into ways to spice up your prospecting life.  Consider taking different approaches, use different software, or consider side-by-side A/B testing of different ads or different messages you’d like to trial.  Just because prospecting becomes a consistent part of your workday doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Get Your Prospects Ready

One of the things that can quickly throw off your prospecting efforts is when they aren’t prepared to buy a house even if they’ve made the conscious decision to do so.  That said, make sure you’re aware of mortgage options and financing from lenders to better assist your prospects and get them in the door as customers.

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