House Plants Perfect For A Whimsical Indoor Holiday Garden

With the holidays just around the corner and holiday shopping in full swing, many homeowners will likely be looking to spruce up their homes in time for friends and family to visit over the coming few weeks.  For most of us, colder weather has set in and most of our outdoor plants have gone dormant or succumbed to the frosty temperatures.

Just because winter is here and the holidays are coming doesn’t mean you don’t have to be without some healthy, living greenery in and around your home.  There are plenty of options for year-round indoor plants to keep your home fresh, green, and feeling a little warmer for the holidays.  Here are some of the perfect house plants for a holiday garden.


Contrary to American culture, Poinsettias are actually originally from Mexico and Guatemala.  The plant, which boasts beautiful green and red foliage, is probably the most popular houseplant for the holidays.  Despite the fact that we often consider these to be holiday plants, they are native to warmer temperatures making them perfect for an indoor holiday garden.

If you want to start your indoor holiday garden, then start with this time-honored classic.


Mistletoe is another popular holiday-specific plant for your home garden.  While mistletoe is often associated with kisses underneath it, mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant that can attach itself to many different types of trees.  Despite its harmful nature, the Greeks and Romans thought mistletoe to be a symbol of fertility and reproductive prosperity which likely is why it is associated with kissing.

Since mistletoe is a widely available plant in the wild, you shouldn’t have any problem finding some in your neighborhood.  Display it above doorways or as part of a fresh holiday wreath.


Rosemary isn’t always associated with the holidays, but as an evergreen herb rosemary can make for a great ornamental in your home and can even pass as a small fir tree to the undiscerning eye.  Rosemary is also great to have in your kitchen, doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance, and can be planted in your outdoor garden.

Larger rosemary plants can be great miniature Christmas trees and can be adorned with small ornaments for a fun twist on a traditional Christmas tree.  Don’t discount how fragrant rosemary is and how much it will add to your holiday home garden.


Pansies offer beautiful flowers, require little maintenance, and can withstand cooler temperatures.  Pansies can be grown indoors or outdoors and put on quite a show of colors and vibrance which can really brighten up your holidays and bring some needed contrast to your indoor holiday garden.

Pansies can withstand colder temperatures but may also die back to the ground during especially cold nights or days.  If you want to keep them alive during the holidays, consider bringing them indoors and keeping them in pots.  Water as needed and you’ll have lovely pansy flowers throughout the holidays.

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