How Technology Gives Agents An Edge

Technology is a growing part of our daily lives from our homes to our workplaces.  It follows us everywhere whether in our pockets or on our desks, we can’t get away from it.  Fortunately, technology can be a tool that we use to make our work lives more efficient, more forgiving, and generally more simple.

Additionally, technology can be a major player in the real estate industry as it gives agents an edge.  Here are some of our ways for how technology gives agents a step on buyers and their competition.

A Virtual Assistant

Smart homes are all the craze right now, but smart technology can be implemented in the workplace as well.  If you’re like many agents, you probably don’t have a personal assistant to help you with your calendar or remind you what to do, where to be, or who you’re meeting with throughout your day.  This is where technology can come in handy.

Having a smart speaker in your office can act as a virtual assistant to help you keep tabs of the things you have to do throughout your day.  Sync your smart speaker with your personal calendar or reminders on your phone and computer, and you can basically eliminate the need to hire a personal assistant.

Online Listings

It goes without saying that online listings are the wave of the future for real estate agents.  Online listings are a necessary part of your business, and should be treated the same way as if you were showing a home personally.  From promotion to photography, everything for your online listings should be curated with an end buyer in mind.

You can’t always stage a home exactly for every buyer, but with augmented reality and the availability of online apps (and more generally online listings) you can list a home and let technology do the rest.  Sotheby’s Curate software is a leader in augmented reality that allows you, your buyers, or sellers to basically insert their own worlds into a home therefore giving you more options to “show” a home virtually.

Facetime and Video Conferencing

One bit of technology agents likely aren’t thinking of that has revolutionized the way we do business is video conferencing and Facetime.  No matter what you use to video conference, you can show a house to a prospective buyer no matter where they are located.

Leveraging this sort of technology can help you show more homes and close more sales while answering buyers’ questions and helping them envision their life in your listing.  While using online apps and software can do this on your behalf, actually speaking to a prospective buyer while showing them around virtually adds a personal touch and maximizes interaction.

Applying for a Mortgage

Finally, getting a buyer qualified for a mortgage is a cakewalk compared to days gone by.  Virtually every lender now offers online applications and online document submission to make the lending process as seamless and simple as possible on both ends of the transaction.  No longer do you have to question if a buyer is qualified for a loan, you (and they) can find out almost instantly.

Tidewater Mortgage Services Inc. is one of America’s leaders in helping buyers and agents get into new homes and close more deals.  Buyers can apply online and get pre-qualified in as little as 24 hours which means you don’t have to question whether or not your sale will go through.  Contact Tidewater’s loan experts today and help your clients get qualified for a mortgage that is right for them!

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