Just Sold: Share These Tips With Your Homeowners

A great deal goes into selling a home.  From listing to staging to showings, selling a house is a team effort between you, your real estate team, and the seller.  A lot of selling a house is having a home with some amenities and upgrades that add both appeal and value to your listing.

So what’s the best way to add that value?  Share these tips with your homeowners to help both add value to their homes and sell more quickly.

Start with Obvious Upgrades

Giving a house more appeal to buyers doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, and many upgrades can be done without spending a ton of money.  With that said, many things homeowners can do to dress up a home generally start with the obvious.

New paint, new trim, and other touch up work can give an old, tired house new life and new vibrancy.  Whether these minor upgrades are done on the interior or the exterior of the home is up to the homeowner.  Interiors are noticed the most, but exteriors increase curb appeal and attract buyers.

Take it One Step at a Time

Homeowners eager to sell and add value to their homes can quickly make a to do list longer than their aging driveway.  What’s important to pass along to your clients is to take their upgrades one at a time.  It’s crucial that these projects get completed or professionals may need to be called in at the 11th hour to complete projects at a price.

Convey the importance of starting simple and increasing the skill level as needed.  Virtually everyone can wield a paint brush, but most folks don’t know the first thing about cleaning their ducts.  Start with simple, completable projects before moving on to more complex ones.

Add Curb Appeal

Besides giving the home itself a facelift on the outside, homeowners can make a lot of headway and give their home significant curb appeal with landscaping and other maintenance tasks.

The winter months are especially drab with landscaping and many otherwise invisible maintenance tasks start to show up with nothing to distract potential buyers.  Some seasonal flowers and plants can give a home a significant facelift and add some real curb appeal.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

Your homeowners will likely be tempted to save as much money as possible and complete task themselves, but some work is better left to the professionals.  Many simple tasks we’ve talked about already can be completed by the savvy homeowner, but bigger projects such as plumbing repairs, structural work, and HVAC maintenance may be better left to the pros.

In the end, homeowners seeking to save money by doing too much may end up spending more having professionals fix things or make repairs to otherwise functional aspects of a home.

Finance the Home of Their Dreams

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