Maintenance Updates Your Home Needs Every 10 Years

When it comes to home maintenance, there are naturally some things you should do regularly to keep up with appliances, prevent problems, and generally keep your costs of repairs or service at a minimum.  There are, however, some “bigger” maintenance updates–both in terms of cost and scope–that you may want to have on your radar.

Hopefully, these are things you’ll only really have to consider about once every ten years, but nevertheless, there are some home maintenance updates your home needs every 10 years.  Here’s our list of the top ones.

New Home Appliances

Purchasing a suite of home appliances is likely the second biggest repair or replacement–second only to a complete HVAC replacement–that a homeowner will make during their lifetimes.  Much like HVAC equipment, home appliances are becoming increasingly more digital, less analog, and more expensive to repair.

Therefore, it’s practical to remember that at some point, you’ll need to replace those old worn-out appliances even if they’ve served you well for a number of years.  Replacing appliances one-by-one can get costly, even more so than purchasing a suite of appliances.  That said, consider upgrading all of your appliances when the time is right.  Oddly, Costco and Sam’s Club can be great places to buy an entire appliance suite, so keep your eyes peeled for great deals.

New Paint

Paint in and of itself isn’t particularly expensive, nor is the equipment required to paint a home yourself.  What can get costly is the time it requires for you to paint your house or for the labor it would cost a professional to do the job for you.

After a decade of wear and tear, dirt and grime, and use and abuse, your home likely needs new paint inside and out, so make sure you’re well prepared for the day when it comes.  If you’re willing to take on the task yourself, then know that you’re likely going to be partitioning off part of your home for at least the better part of a weekend or longer.

Alternatively, you can pay a professional painter to do the work for you, but that can get expensive!  No matter what route you go, be ready to shell out either time or cash to make this needed facelift for your home.

Seal and Caulk

In all likelihood, your painting endeavor will come with some caulk or silicone work to boot; however, you can and should take it a step forward and consider caulking and sealing windows, doors, and any open cracks or crevices that may have popped up over the past 10 years.

Sealing up windows, doors, and trim can save immensely on your utility bills as these minor, but somewhat time-consuming, tasks can help eliminate drafts, keep the elements and moisture out, and generally better protect your home against water damage, pests, and the oh-so-deplorable handyman.

Give Your Landscaping a Facelift

Landscaping can add thousands of dollars in curb appeal in addition to beautifying your outdoor spaces, but over time, landscaping can wane, your interest in maintaining it can wane, and the overall appeal of your landscaping can lose its eye-catchability.

You can do some simple things to boost your landscaping by planting flowers, shrubs, and herbs that are not only acclimated to your area but are generally low maintenance.  Doing so will give you a sure-fired and time-tested way of keeping your landscaping up to date, environmentally friendly, and viable for homeowners down the road!


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