Tips To Help Service Members Relocate

Current military members or veterans of the armed forces, already know how challenging it can be to move while actively serving or once they’ve reached a permanent change of station.  In either case, there are some obstacles to overcome, new cities to get used to, and most importantly some places they can turn to make their relocation smoother and easier.

From preparation for their move and doing some homework to finding the right resources for mortgages and financing, we’ve put together a few tips to help your military clients have a smooth transition into their new home.

Do Your Due Diligence

Moving already has some challenges of its own and getting into a new home at a new military base in a new town won’t come without its fair share of wrinkles during the process.  Your client can’t necessarily plan for everything, but you can do the best you possibly can to eliminate any potential hiccups by planning ahead and doing your diligence in researching their move before it’s time.

It doesn’t hurt to do research for what services and amenities are available to them on the new base they’ll be a part of.  Additionally, your insight as a local into the town in which they’ll be living will prove invaluable.  Know where the best schools are, understand how close they can be to hospitals and grocery stores, and generally give them a lay of the land.

Prepare Them Mentally for the Move

Moving from one home to another across town is one of the most stressful things a family can do, but moving across the country or across the world can put a huge mental and emotional strain on your client and their family.  Doing some mental preparation with the client can help ease the overall burden of a move no matter the destination and can bring them some peace through the process.

Remind them to take some time to simply evaluate everything they have, everything that’s going to transpire, and find places for them that will make things easier.  For some, there are almost therapeutic values in decluttering before a big move, for others, planning in-depth to lessen the chance of bumps in the road is a way to start the process.  No matter how they choose to cope with the big move, make sure they do so in a healthy way and remind them they both aren’t alone and you’re here to guide them.

Know What Services are Available

As a military member, they’ve got quite a bit at their disposal for making moves easier, helping find homes, furniture, or necessities, and finding the right financing for their new home purchase.  Operation We are Here has compiled an excellent list of resources available for military members in lots of areas, but especially for moving military members and their families.

If buying a home is part of their move, then they’ll likely be interested in taking advantage of VA loans or other financial instruments available exclusively to current military members and veterans.  If purchasing a home is in the cards for your clients during this move, then have them get in touch with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. and let our loan experts help your clients find the resources and financing they need for their new home!

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