The Benefits Of Using Automated Technologies To Grow Your Business

Automation technology is an ever-growing part of our world and various cultures across the planet.  Automation technology is broad and can encompass anything from artificial intelligence to machine learning and beyond, but one place that these technological advances perhaps have the biggest impact is in customer service and client-based industries.

With more and more businesses moving to AI and machine learning tech to help with first-tier customer service questions and FAQs, real estate agents and agencies are getting in on the act too.  Here are some of the benefits we see of using automation tech to grow your business.

Improved Customer Service 

Customer service is a great differentiator between the good, the bad, and the ugly in the business world, and those businesses moving towards automated technology may very well have a leg up on their competition.  Granted, no one wants to make a phone call expecting to speak to their real estate agent and instead have to navigate complicated menus from a pre-recorded voice.

Instead, many businesses are using technology such as chatbots and voice assistants are giving clients 24/7 access to their real estate agents and firms.  What this means for agents is that, in most cases, customers can resolve minor issues and get answers to frequently asked questions without the need for a person to respond to their request while still giving agents opportunities to make contact if they see fit.

Increased Speed and Efficiency

Leveraging automated technology, like chatbots and voice assistants mentioned above, gives agents more flexibility to manage bigger tasks and generally will increase their speed and efficiency of service throughout the day.  As more and more tech companies latch on to and develop both artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, we can expect these speed and efficiency gains to accelerate.

What this means for you is that early adoption of developing technologies may very well put you at the cutting edge of your customer service while separating you from your competition in big ways.  First, by using auto tech services, you give customers an extra touchpoint along their real estate journey.  Secondly, as technologies develop, you’ll be at the front of the changes and get to reap the rewards of improved software and engineering before much of your competition.

Automated Technology is Steering the Course of the Industry

Believe it or not, AI, machine learning, and other forms of automated technology are steering not only the real estate industry but many others across the globe.  And like it or not, it’s better to adopt these technologies sooner rather than later as lade adoption could be a critical misstep in keeping up with your competition.

Auto tech isn’t always customer-facing and may have more far-reaching impacts than simply chatting about financing or what homes are available.  Changing technologies are allowing businesses, especially real estate-focused ones, to more strategically perform online tasks such as search engine optimization, remarketing, and optimizing online ad space for greater awareness.

These pieces of auto tech are possibly more tangible to agents and agencies because of how detailed they track leads, visits, and conversions.  At the very least, you should be using some form of online optimization to drive leads and therefore convert sales.  With customers shopping almost exclusively online for homes and real estate, you could be missing out on a massive part of the market.

Streamline Your Sales Process

In addition to tech automation, you can streamline your sales cycle by helping your clients connect with title companies, tradespeople, and lenders to better serve them.  Get your clients started with a chat with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. today and further automate your sales process!

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