Thrift Store Finds For Your New Home

Moving into a new space comes with a handful of challenges, not the least of which is filling the new space with the things you already own and filling new spaces altogether.  A new home can also be expensive.  Obviously, purchasing a home isn’t cheap, but outfitting a new house to truly make it a home can be expensive if you aren’t doing so thriftily.

That said, doing to your new home break-in can be significantly lessened financially by capitalizing on your local Goodwill or thrift store.  More affluent parts of cities can be gold mines for great home decor or furniture at bargain prices.  Here are our tips for thrift store finds for your new home.

Replace the Fallen Soldiers

Inevitably, there will be some casualties of the moving war and certain breakable items may not make it through the battles.  When you’re already exhausted, financially house “broke” for a season, and generally just want to get your new life started in a new location, the last thing you want to do is head to some store Bed, Bath and Beyond to spend hundreds of dollars replacing broken or lost items.

Instead, head to your local thrift store and re-stock on the things that either didn’t or couldn’t make the move or things that were damaged or broken during.  You may not find exact matches for the things that didn’t survive the move, but you’ll certainly be able to find suitable replacements even if it’s just temporary.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about spending exorbitant amounts of money on replacing things.

Fill the Gaps

New places mean new spaces which means you may need to fill a gap that previously was non-existent with your former furniture arrangement.  Buying furniture can be an extremely costly endeavor and likely leads to more headaches than filled spaces which leave a starring role for your local thrift store.

Instead of heading to a big-box furniture store for a new love seat or shelf to fill a void in your new home, take your money down to the thrift store and find things that will serve just the right purpose!  Not only will you be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but you’ll likely find charming pieces of furniture, lamps, or other knick-knacks that will liven up your home and fill some of the dead space.

Fixer-Upper Supplies

There’s definitely a chance that you’ll find a few odds and ends in your new home that need to be spruced up a bit with some basic homeowner tools or perhaps you see something that needs some TLC before you move all of your furniture into the way.  Whatever the case, your local thrift store will have plenty of home maintenance supplies to get you started.

Maybe you already have some basic maintenance tools and supplies, but if they’re packed away in boxes or perhaps have been left behind to do some maintenance at your old home, then purchasing a few cheap thrift tools may be in order.  In fact, consider purchasing thrift store tools as an extended rental program.  When you’re done, just return them back to the thrift store if they’re no longer needed!

Fund Your Fun

Inevitably at some point, you’ll exhaust your thrift store’s ability to outfit your entire home, or perhaps you have some needs that a thrift store just can’t quite meet.  If that’s the case, then get in touch with Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. today to discuss options for funding some renovations or getting a new mortgage altogether!

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