Virtual Reality: Changing The Game Of Selling Homes

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that virtual meetings, virtual workplaces, and virtual(ly) everything can be done without physically being in front of your customer or fact-to-face at all.  And if you haven’t already, adopting virtual reality for your listings and selling the service as a whole will become the new norm for selling homes.

It’s great that homeowners can shop for homes online from reputable agencies, but it’s even better to be able to see the inside, walk around, and even experience a home without ever setting foot in it.  Here is how virtual reality is changing the game of selling homes.

Virtual Property Tours

Virtual property tours are one way that virtual reality is changing the selling game.  Pictures of the inside of a home and a virtual tour therein are a given, but being able to see the greater property through virtual reality only adds value to your listings and boosts the desirability of a home to potential buyers.

Companies such as Styldod offer 360-Degree Virtual Tours that can be leveraged for both total property tours as well as virtual showings.  Using a qualified third party to generate your virtual reality property images and renderings ensures that you will get the best quality images, most attractive views, and generally best user experience.

Virtual Showings

Along with 360-degree property tours and interior tours, you can actually host virtual showings either by yourself leveraging your own camera equipment, Facetime, or other virtual means to actually walk through a home with a virtual buyer.  This is a great option for buyers who either cannot make a physical showing due to time constraints or simply aren’t in the area.

You’re probably already had experience with virtual showings as things have evolved over time and because of the pandemic, but offering virtual showings and adding that enhanced feature to your buyer’s journey is critical and could help you close more sales!

Virtual Staging

Another extremely valuable virtual reality service on the market today is virtual staging.  Not only does virtual staging give your buyers a detailed look into a home, but it offers them the ability to take a glimpse into their potential life in your listing.  One of the most challenging things to buyers is being able to visualize the potential of a room, space, or home without actually having their possessions there.

Virtual staging along with virtual floor plans are changing how buyers can see spaces transform before their very eyes.  With both technologies, buyers can put their furniture and their lives–or at least a representation of those things–into a home without ever stepping foot on the property.  This is not only valuable for buyers far away but adds a very real and tangible experience to their buying journey.

Virtual eCommerce

Another way that virtual reality is changing the real estate game is the ability to actually conduct and transact the business of a real estate transaction without the traditional pen-and-paper approach.  With virtual commerce, you can practically sell a house without ever dropping a document in the mail or waiting for a signature to return.

Not only is the homebuying journey augmented through virtual commerce, but the financial side of the business is also much simpler with virtual commerce.  To learn more about how lenders, specifically us here at Tidewater MortgageServices, Inc. , are helping agents expedite their sales process and close more sales, contact us today!

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